“Absolutely fantastic!”

International Success Coach, NLP and Hypnosis Trainer Kevin Cole Absolutely fantastic! It has been so difficult finding another toll free # that has the word QUEST in it and my current number causes my company to receive as many as 20 wrong #’s a day! Not only that, but you offer impeccable customer service… Thank You!!

Kevin Cole
Empowerment Quest Intl.

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    Random Testimonials

    Testimonial 1270 out of 1983

    I have been playing with your site for the past couple of days trying to find the perfect phone number for my new company. Then I received an email from Bill explaining how I could play around with some of the numbers to get some additional options.

    Once I received Bill’s email it all fell into place! I sat down and came up with about 75+ combinations that I could use and then I called my local phone company. Next thing I know - I was done! Two days of frustration and pulling hair for nothing!

    The information your company provides is invaluable! I’m still amazed on why you do it! It’s great for small business owners and entrepreneurs. I’ll make sure everyone I know who needs an 800 # knows about your site!

    Thank you in advance for your assistance!
    Madalene Tiggle Lockhart
    Nations Lending

    Testimonial 183 out of 1983

    Thank you for all of your help, going through and helping us find a great number (866-945-GEEK) for our computer consulting business. This is the first time we have setup a toll free number, and you've made the process so simple and user-friendly. This number will be a valuable asset to our business, since it sets us a cut above our competitors.

    John C. Knapp
    John Knapp Computer Consulting

    Testimonial 1201 out of 1983

    I put in several keywords and within 15 minutes I had hundreds of numbers to choose from. Even word combinations I had never thought of. Then I got my number. The service is more than worth $49.95

    AWM, Inc., Cerritos, CA

    Testimonial 539 out of 1983

    Your service is very user friendly and the guidance offered on your site is quite practical. The final transaction was swift with no additional costs attached.

    Cathy Kelly

    Testimonial 852 out of 1983

    A great Toll Free Number should be critical to any marketing-savy company, but finding AND obtaining a decent number can be time consuming and frustrating. It was for us until we found your website: TollFreeNumbers.com. We absolutely love your service!

    No one makes it easier to find a number, brainstorm additional numbers, obtain the number, own the number, and monitor for new numbers. Plug in a few key words and an email address on your home page the automated system goes to work immediately. And no upfront costs! Seriously...it doesn't get any better.

    Best regards,
    Sam Willis

    Testimonial 629 out of 1983

    I appreciate your service, you are the best!
    I will need another 800 number soon, will use you for sure!


    Testimonial 1818 out of 1983

    Delmarva Peninsula’s most respected HVAC specialist and refridgeration service.Thanks Bill. Everything is working fine. Thanks for making this, setting up a toll free number, almost effortless. I would have done it sooner if I knew how easy it was.

    Joe Schoonover, President
    Coldmaster Refrigeration Service, Inc.

    Testimonial 1856 out of 1983

    Tom Lazzaro, Broker/Owner of Performance Plus RealtyGreat service! And your website was extremely easy to navigate and search for what I needed. I spent the time to learn about the searching and buying process, since you so graciously posted it on your website for all to learn. What a smooth transaction!

    Tom Lazzaro, Broker

    Testimonial 1138 out of 1983

    Bill, you rock. really. I just started reading through your consulting bit and it's reminding me of the other parts of your site that you wrote. All very helpful and it's clear you are actually trying to help us all. Your attitude is supremely desirable and helps make the world a better place!

    Robert Slob
    ABC Home Contractors

    Testimonial 332 out of 1983

    Thank you very much for your help. It is very obvious you are very oriented with the telephone marketing field as well as numerous other available pbx technologies and I appreciate your assistance.

    Sebastian Sobieski
    Concept Developers & Realty Group

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