“Absolutely fantastic!”

International Success Coach, NLP and Hypnosis Trainer Kevin Cole Absolutely fantastic! It has been so difficult finding another toll free # that has the word QUEST in it and my current number causes my company to receive as many as 20 wrong #’s a day! Not only that, but you offer impeccable customer service… Thank You!!

Kevin Cole
Empowerment Quest Intl.

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    Testimonial 1269 out of 1983

    It was nice doing business with you. I was very impressed how fast you got my 800 number working. Thanks for your efficiency, I will refer you more clients for sure!

    Vanessa Kibbie
    North Hollywood, CA

    Testimonial 816 out of 1983

    "This is my first toll free number and I had no idea how to get one or how to use it once I got it. After spending 15 minutes on your informative website, I knew all I needed to know and, just three days later, I am already up and running with the number and a permanent service. What could be easier?"


    Testimonial 442 out of 1983

    Bill has never waivered from his stance of being honest and more than fair to his clients. Simply stated, Bill is a true business professional. Namada.com, my company, is not as focused as Bill's. So I will get questions from clients and our global agents about tollfree numbers that I cannot directly answer. My response to them is always "if there is an answer, I know where to get it - Mr. TollFreeNumbers."

    Joseph Horton

    Testimonial 1501 out of 1983

    Thanks so much, your customer service is excellent, I will always refer anyone to you that needs 800 numbers!800 number lead system

    Neil J.Surgenor
    Leads 1003.com

    Testimonial 1628 out of 1983

    We are very impressed with your service and your team. Thanks for such great service. At this point, we are very happy.Bank smart solutions

    Continued success and best regards,

    Brad Trowbridge
    Business Development Manager

    Testimonial 351 out of 1983

    It is rare when you can transact business via the web that someone takes the time to take a personal interest in your needs. Bill is one of those rare finds (I like to think that I am another!)

    Michael Shoer, Founder and CEO
    Ice Caters

    Testimonial 234 out of 1983

    You really helped me and my Client A-1 Energy Solutions. I work for 93.9KZLA "The Country station" in Los Angeles/Orange County and needed a easy number to list on their Radio spot. This really helped me get a number that is easily remembered and catchy for my new clients Radio promotion. I look forward to many more opportunities to work with you Bill. I cannot wait to write back and tell you how it worked with the almost 1 million people that will hear it!!

    Craig Price
    Account Executive

    Testimonial 964 out of 1983

    Thank you for helping me get my number and for assisting me in the process of identifying a very economical carrier. I am amazed at how inexpensive and easy it has been to get my number with your professional assistance.

    Dev Horn

    Testimonial 215 out of 1983

    "I stumbled upon Bill's site via a google search...and I'm glad I found it!
    Bill provided an easy, inexpensive way to find the right custom 800# for my new business. Plus, he referred me to a much cheaper phone service provider...saving me significant money every month! Thanks for a great service, Bill!"

    Barbara Chandler

    Testimonial 621 out of 1983

    I did not know that such a service existed. I think Bill and TollFreeNumbers.com are great!!!!! They saved me alot of time, thanks Bill!

    Bobby Kalili
    YellowPages Online, Corp.