“Absolutely fantastic!”

International Success Coach, NLP and Hypnosis Trainer Kevin Cole Absolutely fantastic! It has been so difficult finding another toll free # that has the word QUEST in it and my current number causes my company to receive as many as 20 wrong #’s a day! Not only that, but you offer impeccable customer service… Thank You!!

Kevin Cole
Empowerment Quest Intl.

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    Random Testimonials

    Testimonial 1449 out of 1983

    This was the first time I had ever needed to locate a 1(800) telephone number for my company. After researching five companies on the Internet I selected your company based upon your past testimonials from real people seeking a real solution. So, here I am today writing a testimonial of my own for you and your company.
    1-800 Norris Home Loans
    As a recent customer of TollFreeNumber.com, I could not be more pleased with this company. Locating a Vanity 1(800) can be difficult but not with this company. The setup was in place within no time and the support was an added bonus. The total cost was nominal and I will look to Bill and TollFreeNumbers.com in the future. Great people offering a wonderful solution.

    Thank you,

    Scott Norris

    Testimonial 1049 out of 1983

    If you use an enhanced voicemail service or any system for all your calls that also detects fax tones, but you don't need the fax detection you should consider turning that feature off, if possible. Background noise or things can sometimes make the fax dection system think a regular voice call is a fax call. It is pain to the caller the first time, but if they hang up and call bck again, and the same background voice triggers the fax tones again, they're probably going to give up and may never call you.

    If you need the fax detection, that's fine. But many people have seperate fax lines so they really don't need the detection system which could malfunction. This is just a very small tip, but it might be helpful!

    Testimonial 709 out of 1983

    I want to personally thankyou for assisting me in obtaining the correct eight hundred number to represent my business. I especially like having paperwork to show ownership of the number as we all know how important these numbers are to an effective business. This is still a very small one man business but as the right things are obtained like this easy to remember toll free number it will be possible to see growth and prosperity.

    Dan Gysi
    Gysi Enterprise

    Testimonial 213 out of 1983

    I have use the services of Bill Quimby and tollfreenumbers.com on several occasions and for different marketing campaning and have found him to be professional, helpful and most importantly, expert at searching for just the right number for a marketing campaign!

    John Folger
    Bridgewater Consulting Group, Inc.

    Testimonial 984 out of 1983

    I think the customer service is great at tollfreenumbers.com. Their response to my inquiries are warm and prompt. As well, tollfreenumbers.com knew exactly the solution to my problem. You have managed making the dreaded chore of obtaining and activating an vanity number streamlined and easy.

    Thanks tollfreenumbers.com !!!

    Ian Billen, President

    Testimonial 931 out of 1983

    Bill has a great service, and his site is easy to navigate. He makes is easy and time efficient to research, find, and obtain an 800 number. I tried mine within one minute, and it worked just fine.

    National Land Advisors, LLC

    Testimonial 98 out of 1983

    Thanks to Bill, I was able to instantly set up our number and allow our nationwide contacts easy access to our company's information. I'd recommend Bill Quimby's services to anyone and everyone looking for toll free service.

    Josiah Redding
    The Redding Brothers©

    Testimonial 1348 out of 1983

    That is the headline that I'd write for Bill and Rita. You see, I got a great tollfree number from them and it was time to implement it, I put down the wrong number. If it weren't for their patience and help it would have been a real problem.

    We went back and forth a couple of times with a virtual call forwarding service I had joined. While the new tollfree number is being ported (transferred to be a direct number rather than ringing forward) the service assigned me a temporary number so the tollfree number could forward calls to me. Everything seemed okay. However, after a couple of days I tested the service's forwarding number. It was working. The new service was working. But the tollfree number was ringing into an intercept that said the number was "no longer in service".

    That started our journey: I shot off an email to Rita... she replied she would have it working in a couple of hours... I tried the next day but it still wasn't working. I shot off an email to Bill. He and Rita both wrote back and said it was working from New York and New Jersey. I tried the tollfree number from a New York phone but it still wasn't working... so I wrote to them saying, "I keep dialing 888-807 and the rest of the number.

    Shortly thereafter I got an email reply from Rita suggesting that the number I purchased was 888-708 not 888-807.

    Hmmmmm, I sheepishly dialed the correct number and through some miracle it worked :-/

    So, if you have configuration problems with a TollFreeNumbers.com number and if you are dyslexic, as I am, have someone else in your office dial your new number. :-)

    My thanks to Rita and Bill for their patience with me.

    Thanks again,
    Steve Campbell, an embarrassed but satisfied customer

    Testimonial 657 out of 1983

    I could get publicity in a large daily newspaper, but ONLY if I had an 800 number to which to direct inquiries. Scrambling to make sense of the morass of information out there, I called 1-800 MARKETER and got to speak to Bill Quimby himself. He spent a good deal of time with me explaining how best to find the right number and how to make it work for me. Within 24 hours I'd found a great vanity number, had it reserved, and arranged to have it directly go to my cell phone. If all service business were like Bill's, life would be a lot easier!

    Mahamère Corbie Mitleid, CPTR
    Fire Through Spirit

    Testimonial 1289 out of 1983

    I just wanted to thank you for the way in which you sent up my toll free number and securing same. I first reserved the number & then decided to register my number after I had done exhaustive research on this type of service. I compared your site and benefits with several others and found that your service was far superior. The number did indeed work within a very short time after set up and I especially like the "birth certificate"

    I immediately received, showing that I now own 877.707.7155. I know that this number, (easy to remember) will help increase business for advertising and my web site and tgidallas.com. Again, thank you for your professional service and doing exactly what you said you would do.

    Chuck Hayes / 214/ 385-1088

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