“Absolutely fantastic!”

International Success Coach, NLP and Hypnosis Trainer Kevin Cole Absolutely fantastic! It has been so difficult finding another toll free # that has the word QUEST in it and my current number causes my company to receive as many as 20 wrong #’s a day! Not only that, but you offer impeccable customer service… Thank You!!

Kevin Cole
Empowerment Quest Intl.

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    Testimonial 461 out of 1983

    My website is under construction and the whole business is still just an idea in my head, but you have saved me alot with locking a great toll-free number that I needed. Your service and support was so flawless and I was amazed that my number actually worked a few minutes after signing up for it.

    Sagy Amit

    Testimonial 1944 out of 1983

    We have used TollFreeNumbers.com for our online incorporation service many times and have always found there services to be the quickest, easiest and most comprehensive way of researching and obtaining a vanity number!corpnet incorporation service

    Nellie R. Akalp, President & COO

    Testimonial 1484 out of 1983

    What an amazingly EASY website to get a custom 800 number from - completely WOW!1-800 telco computer

    Christopher Reagoso
    Technical Manager

    Testimonial 28 out of 1983

    Your site was not just informative but extremely helpful and really built trust, which is crucial in business decisions but talking to you in person sealed the deal. You are the kind of person that deserves customer loyalty and ‘earns’ it one customer at a time. I liked that you provided all the details upfront and let me (the customer) make an informed decision too. You definitely know your business and I will be referring friends and associates to your site, trusting that you will handle the business as promptly and professionally as you did mine.

    You definitely exceeded my expectations. Thank you for all the work you put into helping me ‘look good’ and make a choice that will mean more business.

    Peggy Boehmer
    Managing Editor of Wildlife Harvest, The magazine for gamebird production

    Testimonial 1394 out of 1983

    Thanks for such a great service!Servicing the Insurance Restoration Industry

    Ryan Smith

    Testimonial 20 out of 1983

    I wanted to thank you for all of your help yesterday. I just read your E-Book and it wasn't technically available but I actually was able to get the 1-800 EZ-AGENT phone number, thanks to your help. You definitely know your stuff and this is an incredible asset to my small business. You and your site are absolutely awesome!

    Matthew Esqueda

    Testimonial 418 out of 1983

    Bill has the best site on net; our local service provider had no idea how to handle my request. But Bill knew exactly what a business needs are. It was a pleasure to do business with him.

    Naushad Ali

    Testimonial 1063 out of 1983

    Your firm did exactly what it claimed it could do. Capture the toll free number that we were looking for and have it activated the same day. Our client was able to meet there deadline thanks to you and your staff.

    We will count on you as a resource in the future.

    Adam Goldberg, CEO
    Gemini Communications

    Testimonial 983 out of 1983

    This is the second time we have used TollFreeNumbers.com, and you can't find an easier place to secure toll free or vanity numbers. The process is quick and simple, and provides a great value.


    Shawn D. Smith, President & CEO

    Testimonial 1947 out of 1983

    I'd like to express our thanks in obtaining the number for us. It was virtually trouble-free for us and we really appreciate that.ds waters is water.com for bottled water

    Thanks so much,

    Suzanne Miley
    DS Waters, Telecom Engineer

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