“Absolutely fantastic!”

International Success Coach, NLP and Hypnosis Trainer Kevin Cole Absolutely fantastic! It has been so difficult finding another toll free # that has the word QUEST in it and my current number causes my company to receive as many as 20 wrong #’s a day! Not only that, but you offer impeccable customer service… Thank You!!

Kevin Cole
Empowerment Quest Intl.

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    Testimonial 1283 out of 1983

    We really loved your service!
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    Gerard Armond Powell
    Domain Portfolio Enterprises

    Testimonial 1492 out of 1983

    I have been searching for an honest site/company for toll-free number and found yours. It was beyond my expectations, even for post service. I had some corrections needed on my certificate, and it was handled promptly and professionally. A great start for our new jewelry company.

    Thanks again,

    Lawrence Bunde

    Testimonial 72 out of 1983

    I had virtually given up on finding a memorable vanity number until I found your site. Within a few minutes, using your search engine and the handy recommendations you provide I found the perfect number. I am thrilled about your service and wish I could recommend it to everyone looking for a meaningful vanity number. Thanks Bill!

    Charlie Trench
    Stop Smoling Laser Center

    Testimonial 1651 out of 1983

    The American Center for Conflict Resolution InstituteThis service was so easy to use and I was able to quickly incorporate it into my TV Commercial being aired this week.

    Tanya Haggins

    Testimonial 1505 out of 1983

    I can't express how impressive this service is. You provide a resource that takes the pain away from the customer in establishing vanity toll free presence. Your process includes providing the customer excellent information, while in the background you are nearly instantaneously producing results in getting your customer up and running.

    I am a fan, and will champion you to my peers.

    My parting words are, wow and WOW!

    Al Wone
    Avian Services, LLC

    Testimonial 1482 out of 1983

    Thank you for your fast reasonably priced service - was about to get ripped off for $500 a month with another company. Signed up with you for $50 - thanks!flags, flagpoles, tea, teapots, safety glasses, custom hard hats and unique gift items.

    Kevin Hickey

    Testimonial 676 out of 1983

    I was both surprised and delighted at how fast the service worked. Not more than 60 seconds after submitting the payment, I tested my new number just to see what happens, and was speechless when my cell phone began to ring. Excellent !!!

    Paul Rivera

    Testimonial 1240 out of 1983

    Bill Quimby is the rarest of resources, a fellow who actually understands how the telecom infrastructure works, and who gives incredible value for the fee he charges. I can unhesitatingly recommend his service.

    Brett Stewart, Chief Technical Officer
    Acumera, Inc.

    Testimonial 258 out of 1983

    Bill has consistently been a great guy to do business with. He has helped my company make some invaluable contacts and he has made it possible for us to get a perfect vanity number. I raise my glass to tollfreenumbers.com.

    Matthew Barker

    Testimonial 1678 out of 1983

    100% positive feedback, I would recomend this company to any of my customers. They are always on your side!

    Jose Serra

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