Can I get an 800 number and just forward it to Skype?

You can forward any number you get from us to any local number you want including a skype number. You can also transfer any number you get from us to any phone company you want. Actually you have to transfer it to another company, that’s kind of the concept of our service. We help you get the best number and then allow you to transfer it to whoever is best for you for the ongoing service.

We’re kind of like the GoDaddy of the phone number business. I should probably also point out that you don’t have to use the same company that provides the local number to get the calls to your local number. So you don’t need to use Skype to get the calls to a skype phone number. I say that because they are probably pretty dumb about toll free service.

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    John says:
    August 6, 2010 at 12:52 pm

    So if I buy a toll free number from you I still have to transfer it to another service even if I link it to my Skype number?

      Bill Quimby (666 comments.) says:
      August 6, 2010 at 2:32 pm

      You still have to pick someone for the forwarding service. I wrote a post more specifically about customers that sometimes think that if it’s a voip service there’s no cost per minute to point a toll free number there. I’m not sure if that’s why you were asking or not, but that might help.

      The thing though is that you can pick anyone you want. You’re not just stuck with the company that you got the toll free number from just because in their fine print, they said that they own your number. That means you can pick whoever is the best and if you find out their customer service is all done through some third world hut that hardly speaks english, (I won’t say their name) then you can transfer it away to someone better at any time.

      Bill Quimby

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