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We don’t provide the ongoing service for toll free numbers. We’re kind of like the GoDaddy of the toll free number business, but we do have a lot of connections and can help you transfer your number to any carrier you want. We list a wide variety of companies and services here for you, but you can literally transfer your number anywhere you want. We try to empower you but also to make it as easy as possible. If you were referred to us by a phone company or website activate the number and then go back to them for the service. They obviously care about you and

There’s a lot of misleading crap out there on toll free websites

fiber optic toll free service

This is a question I received recently which I thought was worth publishing not because I get it that often but because it illustrates the point about a lot of misleading crap (sorry there’s just no other way to describe this) that you can find, even on websites that look very authentic and nice. Unfortunately it often takes a little bit of knowledge of the industry to recognize this type of thing for the marketing BS that it is.

What type of service do you offer? Is it fiberoptic?

It sounds like you’ve been reading marketing BS on There’s absolutely no such thing as a “fiber optic” toll free number or fiber optic toll free service. If you search for that term in quotes on google, you’ll find almost no hits because simply made it up to make them sound good but it means nothing. tends to have a LOT of half truths on their website.

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More things in common between smsgov and

This is a follow up post to a post I wrote earlier with six reasons why I believe is behind the mysterious fake sms website, There are small things from time to time that both and have in common which shows that is actually controlled by Each of these things by themselves may not prove that they’re connected. But all of these things together are clearly more than a coincidence.

The latest thing I noticed is the claim that “an estimated 8,000 numbers get registered every day”. It says estimated so it it’s obviously not a specific statistic. But it doesn’t say who estimated it. But when I search for that phrase even without quotes with the word “toll free” in quotes to limit the search to pages that at least mention toll free numbers, you’ll find there are only two sites that ever mention this statistic and of course they are and the Fake sms site, This is kind of on the level of what I wrote about when both websites stopped being updated for a while at the same time.

So Marshall Logan can hide behind anonymity if he wants to, and make up statistics, but he’s not fooling people. And if this wasn’t true he would have said something about it. Marshall, you should really be ashamed of yourself trying to deceive people like this. That really isn’t necessary to sell toll free service. Well unless you just have an affiliate program that you’re trying to pass off as a phone company! is very misleading

Why does continue to “mislead” peole about how long they’ve been in the toll free business? Do they think if they keep repeating it often enough that it’ll somehow be true? They wrote again that they’ve been serving the toll free community for a decade. That is only true if you count having a single link buried on their website for toll free service as serving the toll free community. That was the extent of their toll free service from 1999 to 2002. They didn’t provide the toll free service. They just sent customers to another company that provided the service.

I guess that’s really no different than they do now though if you think about it. None of those customers they refer to in that article get a bill from They talk about 24 hour customer service, but they don’t provide the customer service at all. They are just sending the customers to other companies! We could pretend to be the phone company if we wanted to, but I think it’s just more honest to give the customer more choices and proof of ownership. They don’t give you proof of ownership, and don’t even talk about proof of ownership because they make you stay or want you to stay with the phone company they send you to. And they don’t want you to have any choice because they want the commissions from selling you that service.

So they pretend to have been in the toll free business for a decade (when they haven’t) by cleverly wording it to SOUND like they were in the toll free business which they weren’t. And they cleverly word it to SOUND like they are the carrier providing the service and billing the customer for the service. But they’re not. If this isn’t true they can sue me and make me change this. But this isn’t my opinion, it’s the facts and truth.

tollfreenumber.ORG is very misleading

Experience Counts With Toll Free Providers.

This was the headline of a post on the in their blog today. The funny part is how they’re misleading people about their experience and what they actually do. See how has inflated (and lied) about their own toll free experience.

They say on the top of their home page that they’ve been helping customers with toll free numbers since 1999. What they don’t tell you is that they weren’t in the toll free number business in 1999 at all. They just had one link buried on the web hosting business for toll free numbers. If they think that experience counts for anything they’re only kidding themselves. Misleading customers about their experience says way more about them than anything else.

counting a link to someone that sells toll free service as your 'experience'  is clearly dishonest and misleading!

Why does Tollfreenumber.ORG have to mislead people?

who is TollFreeNumber.ORG really?

Thank you for an excellent website. I’ve spent the week trying to visit every page and educate myself about toll-free. I wish I found you several years ago. I ordered my toll-free number through tollfreenumber.ORG (for some reason, they insist on capitalizing those last three letters!).

My experience with tollfreenumber.ORG has been that all they do is sell you the initial number. Opex Long Distance does my billing and handles all billing related questions. Should I leave well enough alone and just keep going with Opex, or should I try to remove my toll-free numbers from tollfreenumber.ORG and then re-establish them with Opex (or someone else you recommended) independently? Does tollfreenumber.ORG “own” your number or are you free to transfer it to another provider? I can’t find anything on their website and they haven’t returned my call. I have no problem with Opex’s service now. Just wondering.

Roger C. (sent via email)

They’re not an ORGanization

Yes, they do capitalize the .ORG (even on their site). And ironically it’s really not an organization at all. They’re essentially an affiliate

They’re not a Resporg

They’re not a resporg so they don’t actually have access into the sms database. They have to send your requests for vanity numbers to other phone companies. That’s why they can’t do searches live on their website and that’s also why take a couple days to activate a number for you, because they’re not really activating your number, they’re asking another phone company to do it.

They’re not a phone company or even a reseller.

They claim to be a world class provider of toll free service but they don’t provide any of it. They don’t even provide temporary service like we do before the number is transferred to the carrier. They just send the order to the company they sell. They’re just selling the service of a couple companies.

If they were providing the customer service and doing the billing they could at least be considered a Reseller. So what exactly do they do? They simply hide the actual provider and take your order and send it to another company. That doesn’t mean that the companies they sell are bad, but they’re still just selling you someone else’s phone service. Unfortunately though, you don’t get any choice with them and even worse, you don’t even know who you’re buying from.

They charge 80% more than we do for less

They charge $89 to get a vanity number versus our $49. There’s not too much more that needs to be added to that except to point out that they can’t get you numbers in Disconnect, or Premium numbers at all. You don’t get any free temporary service and it takes several days to activate.

If you’re already used you don’t need to do anything because you’re not using them any more. They are still getting commissions on you but you’re not using them, you’re using the company they that sent your order to. Fortunately they can’t keep you from transferring away even if they wanted to, since they’re not the responsible organization or the phone company.

They’re not going to give you independent proof of ownership or talk about your ability to transfer the number because they don’t want you to transfer it. So you wind up with the same problem with them that you would with any other phone company, relying on the people who want to keep you there for your ability to transfer away. (I call that the Kids Guarding the Cookie Jar paradox.)

So in conclusion, if you buy something from an affiliate, that doesn’t make what you bought wrong. It’s just sad that this affiliate has to mislead people and pretend that they’re somehow more than they really are.

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