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prices of 800 numbers

Our Service falls into 3 main categories


Using our toll free number search programs is free. We don’t charge to use our search tools we only charge a small one time fee to activate the number you find if it’s available.

Activating Regular 8** numbers

REGULAR 800#s are just $49.95

Regular Activations for numbers that say “Currently Available” are a one time fee of just $49. There are no other hidden fees or charges or any ongoing commitment at all!

90 to 95% of our customers get these regular activations. This applies to any numbers that say “Currently Available” and give you the option to activate or reserve them. Random 800 numbers are slightly more because they take more time and effort to get. Random “800″ numbers are available for only $79.95

The price of Disconnected 800 numbers

DISCONNECTED #s are $195 to $795

Disconnected 800 numbers can be backordered for $4.95, and we ONLY charge the backorder fee if we’re able to get them when they come out of disconnect. These also take a little longer based on when they were disconnected, which determines when they will come out of disconnect within the next couple days or months.

855 #s are $195
866 #s are $195
877 #s are $395
888 #s are $595
800 #s are $795

The prices of Premium 800 Numbers

PREMIUM 800#s are $99 to $999

Premium numbers or nice numeric numbers are categorized into four levels:

1 star numbers are $ 99
2 star numbers are $299
3 star numbers are $599
4 star numbers are $999

Free Service and No Fees

There is NO other ongoing charge or fee at all. We give you free service for the first 30 days or 100 minutes so it’s working right away and we help you transfer it to whatever company you want to use it with. There’s no fee to transfer away from us or to most companies.

You’ll just pay whatever company you want to use it with for the ongoing service as if they got it for you, except since you had it active before transferring it to them, they can’t hold you hostage or claim they gave you the number as part of their service. Your ability to transfer your number is much more important t most people realize. That’s what keeps them honest, the rates low and the service good. And if it ever stops being any of those things you can just transfer YOUR toll free number away!

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    Random Testimonials

    Testimonial 1392 out of 1983

    I really just love your service, I can't tell you how much the vanity number of 1-877 WE12ATV has done for our ATV club. We tripled our membership last year which enabled us to purchase the land we previously leased. Not that the sole reason was the vanity number but it played a major part in making us visible and accessible to everyone.

    Thanks for you help!

    Ann Hertzog Repine

    Testimonial 893 out of 1983

    I think your service is excellent and you are great to work with.


    Testimonial 1614 out of 1983

    Thanks so much for all your help, seting up a business presence in the USA from Australia can be hard enough without having to interpret a whole new telephone system. Thanks for making the process so easy and going way beyond anything i could have imagined to help me get through the maze. I am so impressed I am now setting up 2 more numbers for other clients. australian tours, christian missionary trips and travel

    Stephen Kearns
    Southland Tours.

    Testimonial 951 out of 1983

    Bill has been extremely helpful and the services he provides are excellent. He answered all my questions, made suggestions, and executed the acquisition and transfer of my 800 numbers with extreme speed and competence. I would highly recommend him (PS: Rita was very helpful as well).

    Randy Searls

    Testimonial 264 out of 1983

    This is exactly what I needed to use for my start up company. Thanks!

    Bob Wells
    Premium Audit Co

    Testimonial 1253 out of 1983

    Thanks for your great service! I dialed 888-MR-BUGGY within 2 minutes after I got the number and it was already transfered to our telephone number. Amazing!

    Several years ago I invented the Roofers Buggy for residential roofers and have a cartoon that we are starting to use in our marketing; We call him MR Buggy and i am very excited about our new 888-MR-Buggy number.

    Again Thanks,
    Aaron Jay Beiler

    Testimonial 25 out of 1983

    We didn't actually use your service, but used the lookup and information on your site to get a great number for our business, 877-WEBUCATE. Your quick responses and direct, helpful information made an altogether great service!

    Nat Dunn, CEO

    Testimonial 99 out of 1983

    I really appreciate the way you handled our request.This honestly has been the most personalized service I have ever received.It was really a comfortable experience the whole way.

    Jay Krishna

    Testimonial 489 out of 1983

    Bill Quimby has the best vanity number system I have ever come across. We have bought about 7 vanity numbers from him so far. They are number one in my books.

    Elvin Ames

    Testimonial 1625 out of 1983

    We found it remarkable how fast they were able to satisfy our request. One phone call to the owner and all questions and concerns were answered. In addition we were supplied with several new marketing ideas we hadn’t considered, which aided in the overall selection of a 800 number.

    A Sturgies
    CEO Rapid Response Optimum

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