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prices of 800 numbers

Our Service falls into 3 main categories


Using our toll free number search programs is free. We don’t charge to use our search tools we only charge a small one time fee to activate the number you find if it’s available.

Activating Regular 8** numbers

REGULAR 800#s are just $49.95

Regular Activations for numbers that say “Currently Available” are a one time fee of just $49. There are no other hidden fees or charges or any ongoing commitment at all!

90 to 95% of our customers get these regular activations. This applies to any numbers that say “Currently Available” and give you the option to activate or reserve them. Random 800 numbers are slightly more because they take more time and effort to get. Random “800″ numbers are available for only $79.95

The price of Disconnected 800 numbers

DISCONNECTED #s are $195 to $795

Disconnected 800 numbers can be backordered for $4.95, and we ONLY charge the backorder fee if we’re able to get them when they come out of disconnect. These also take a little longer based on when they were disconnected, which determines when they will come out of disconnect within the next couple days or months.

855 #s are $195
866 #s are $195
877 #s are $395
888 #s are $595
800 #s are $795

The prices of Premium 800 Numbers

PREMIUM 800#s are $99 to $999

Premium numbers or nice numeric numbers are categorized into four levels:

1 star numbers are $ 99
2 star numbers are $299
3 star numbers are $599
4 star numbers are $999

Free Service and No Fees

There is NO other ongoing charge or fee at all. We give you free service for the first 30 days or 100 minutes so it’s working right away and we help you transfer it to whatever company you want to use it with. There’s no fee to transfer away from us or to most companies.

You’ll just pay whatever company you want to use it with for the ongoing service as if they got it for you, except since you had it active before transferring it to them, they can’t hold you hostage or claim they gave you the number as part of their service. Your ability to transfer your number is much more important t most people realize. That’s what keeps them honest, the rates low and the service good. And if it ever stops being any of those things you can just transfer YOUR toll free number away!

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    Random Testimonials

    Testimonial 192 out of 1983

    Your site was a very lucky find for our company. We are brand new in the travel business and had no idea how to get started with toll free numbers other than we wanted one close to our name or our parent companies name. Your E-book and site made it all very simple to deal with.

    Scott Mendell
    Great Getaways For Less

    Testimonial 239 out of 1983

    The sight was very helpful. I found a number I loved. I had a few questions and was helped by the owner himself.

    Jeremy Taylor
    Taylor & Sons

    Testimonial 1443 out of 1983

    For anyone considering getting a toll free number, this is by far the best service available to find a good number.

    I currently have a few hundred toll free numbers, and before I found out about this website I have literally spent hours on the phone with the phone company just to see what was available. A few times I got luckey, but most of the time I had to settle with a random "866" number.

    Bills service is truely unique, the search function is the best around, and when I find something I do like I can have it activated literally within minutes even late into the evening after all the phone companies are closed.

    Some might argue that the $49 search fee is too much money, when you can do the same thing for FREE with the phone company.

    The question you got to ask yourself is how much money is your time worth, and then you always run the risk of the number no longer being available when you call your phone company and find someone who actually knows what they are doing.

    Keep up the good work :)

    Claude G.

    Testimonial 1370 out of 1983

    The service was easy to use, I was looking at other services first that were very costly, then I came across Bill's service, it was reasonably priced, easy to use, and he responded very quickly to email questions. Thanks for the assistance in getting us a great number for a reasonable price.

    Phillip Evans
    Law offices of Phillip Evans

    Testimonial 1724 out of 1983

    After 2 fruitless days and many telephone conversdations I happened to come upon your site. I was able to talk directly to Mr. Quimby who answered all my questions. Fret Candy Custom Guitar Fretboard InlaysIn a few short minutes my new 877 vanity # was up and working. WHAT A MIRACLE! I did not think it was possible for things to be that simple. So here im thanks (thanks)to you for a enjoyable adventure.

    Victor Vance

    Testimonial 715 out of 1983

    This is by far the most excellent customer service you can find in the internet world.Its like talking to someone in a private meeting and getting thorough answers to my questions. Even though the info is already on the site! Just glad I found I wish a great success and thank you.

    Enddy Sani
    Founder of Junkcontrol

    Testimonial 1745 out of 1983


    I actually ended up activating two numbers based on Bill's suggestions when I visited with him by phone. He was very helpful, and the website really helped me to understand this whole crazy toll-free world.

    I am very happy to find another company that shares our company philosophy-offer customers personal service and the best solutions whether it makes you money or not, and in the end you will not only make money but have a lot of friends too.offering ink cartridge and toner solutions in the Pine Ridge and Cache Valley area


    Ryan Carter, Owner
    Ink Solutions

    Testimonial 1246 out of 1983

    Thank you!!! :-) You have an awesome service!

    Business Manager

    Testimonial 1846 out of 1983

    Thank you for all your help! You and your staff are OUTSTANDING!! I needed a number that was catchy for our customers to remember!!

    Your search engine identified this number.... and your process is GREAT!! You answered all my questions in person... customer service at it's best!!

    My phone number: 877-CPR-JAVA is a easy number for EMS and healthcare workers to remember!

    Strong Work!!!
    -Mike Adams, owner
    877- CPR-JAVA

    Testimonial 1099 out of 1983

    Your site was very easy to navigate, and searching for available phone numbers, plus existing alternative numbers made the process of selecting a # a real breeze.

    The fact that you don't try to railroad your prospective customers into locked in phone service is a real plus! Keep up the good work. I will recommend this site to others.

    Lee Gentile
    L. J. Gentile & Sons, Inc.