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prices of 800 numbers

Our Service falls into 3 main categories


Using our toll free number search programs is free. We don’t charge to use our search tools we only charge a small one time fee to activate the number you find if it’s available.

Activating Regular 8** numbers

REGULAR 800#s are just $49.95

Regular Activations for numbers that say “Currently Available” are a one time fee of just $49. There are no other hidden fees or charges or any ongoing commitment at all!

90 to 95% of our customers get these regular activations. This applies to any numbers that say “Currently Available” and give you the option to activate or reserve them. Random 800 numbers are slightly more because they take more time and effort to get. Random “800″ numbers are available for only $79.95

The price of Disconnected 800 numbers

DISCONNECTED #s are $195 to $795

Disconnected 800 numbers can be backordered for $4.95, and we ONLY charge the backorder fee if we’re able to get them when they come out of disconnect. These also take a little longer based on when they were disconnected, which determines when they will come out of disconnect within the next couple days or months.

855 #s are $195
866 #s are $195
877 #s are $395
888 #s are $595
800 #s are $795

The prices of Premium 800 Numbers

PREMIUM 800#s are $99 to $999

Premium numbers or nice numeric numbers are categorized into four levels:

1 star numbers are $ 99
2 star numbers are $299
3 star numbers are $599
4 star numbers are $999

Free Service and No Fees

There is NO other ongoing charge or fee at all. We give you free service for the first 30 days or 100 minutes so it’s working right away and we help you transfer it to whatever company you want to use it with. There’s no fee to transfer away from us or to most companies.

You’ll just pay whatever company you want to use it with for the ongoing service as if they got it for you, except since you had it active before transferring it to them, they can’t hold you hostage or claim they gave you the number as part of their service. Your ability to transfer your number is much more important t most people realize. That’s what keeps them honest, the rates low and the service good. And if it ever stops being any of those things you can just transfer YOUR toll free number away!

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    Random Testimonials

    Testimonial 1969 out of 1983

    Miami SubsBill is an amazing person. He has always been available and very helpful in our telecom needs. I'm pleased to be a client & look forward to many years of continuing success.

    Lawrence Austin, CEO
    Metrium Development Corp and

    Testimonial 632 out of 1983

    I was in a hurry to get my number transferred over, and you were helpful enough to call my phone company for me with me on the line to push the process forward. I really appreciated your "can-do" attitude and willingness to help me out with a time crunch.


    Testimonial 595 out of 1983

    It's a pleasure working with you and your associates at The service is always outstanding.
    The website design and ease of use are superior to any ecommerce experience that I have had. Keep up the good

    Dan Hinkle
    Director of Marketing

    Testimonial 418 out of 1983

    Bill has the best site on net; our local service provider had no idea how to handle my request. But Bill knew exactly what a business needs are. It was a pleasure to do business with him.

    Naushad Ali

    Testimonial 1587 out of 1983

    Desperately needed this level of service. We are located out of small tellco who still have the advantage of monopoly. Their Band B & Band C rates are through the roof. Our obvious choice for our large service area was 800 number service through Hosted Virtual PBX. Now we have our company recognition have the best of both worlds: Company recognition at a price a startup who needs this service can afford.

    Website and database concept is outstanding and works incredibly well. Keep up the great work!

    Laurie Schumann, President
    Comfort Central, Inc, President

    Testimonial 1194 out of 1983

    I've been looking for an 800 for over 6 months then we came across your website. I cannot believe that it is as easy as you said it would. It took seconds to get activated and the best part is thatI own the number.

    Thank you for your awesome service!

    Sandy Blackwell, Owner/General Manager

    Testimonial 983 out of 1983

    This is the second time we have used, and you can't find an easier place to secure toll free or vanity numbers. The process is quick and simple, and provides a great value.


    Shawn D. Smith, President & CEO

    Testimonial 1414 out of 1983

    Kudos to you and your website. When I first visited your site, I was amazed by the number of free tools you provide for searching and finding the perfect number. However, what really set you apart from your competitors is your outstanding customer service. It was so pleasant to talk with you and Rita, and you both were patient and kind to walk me (a complete toll-free newbie) through the entire process. You took something that could've been a total headache and made it a very simple, painless experience. Thank you.

    I am so happy we acquired our number through! We wholeheartedly endorse you experience that fuses function, fashion and femininity for the contemporary woman on the go.

    Bernard Lee, President

    Testimonial 1386 out of 1983

    I am truly impressed by the website and its ease of use. You just go in type out what number you want and it gives you all the available choices & the best part is that if you wind up not selecting any of the choices… you will receive emails as new related numbers are available.

    Aside from the product, I have to say that Bill and his staff truly impressed me with their level of customer service and knowledge of the industry and product. They truly go beyond just the support of their website and product!

    Thanks Bill… for all your help!
    Nick J
    Los Angeles, CA

    Testimonial 164 out of 1983

    Excellent service - number and resporg change were seamless.

    Thanks for your help and insight into securing a toll-free number.


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