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prices of 800 numbers

Our Service falls into 3 main categories


Using our toll free number search programs is free. We don’t charge to use our search tools we only charge a small one time fee to activate the number you find if it’s available.

Activating Regular 8** numbers

REGULAR 800#s are just $49.95

Regular Activations for numbers that say “Currently Available” are a one time fee of just $49. There are no other hidden fees or charges or any ongoing commitment at all!

90 to 95% of our customers get these regular activations. This applies to any numbers that say “Currently Available” and give you the option to activate or reserve them. Random 800 numbers are slightly more because they take more time and effort to get. Random “800″ numbers are available for only $79.95

The price of Disconnected 800 numbers

DISCONNECTED #s are $195 to $795

Disconnected 800 numbers can be backordered for $4.95, and we ONLY charge the backorder fee if we’re able to get them when they come out of disconnect. These also take a little longer based on when they were disconnected, which determines when they will come out of disconnect within the next couple days or months.

855 #s are $195
866 #s are $195
877 #s are $395
888 #s are $595
800 #s are $795

The prices of Premium 800 Numbers

PREMIUM 800#s are $99 to $999

Premium numbers or nice numeric numbers are categorized into four levels:

1 star numbers are $ 99
2 star numbers are $299
3 star numbers are $599
4 star numbers are $999

Free Service and No Fees

There is NO other ongoing charge or fee at all. We give you free service for the first 30 days or 100 minutes so it’s working right away and we help you transfer it to whatever company you want to use it with. There’s no fee to transfer away from us or to most companies.

You’ll just pay whatever company you want to use it with for the ongoing service as if they got it for you, except since you had it active before transferring it to them, they can’t hold you hostage or claim they gave you the number as part of their service. Your ability to transfer your number is much more important t most people realize. That’s what keeps them honest, the rates low and the service good. And if it ever stops being any of those things you can just transfer YOUR toll free number away!

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    Random Testimonials

    Testimonial 1437 out of 1983

    I wanted to say how easy to use the tollfreenumbers web site was. I looked at many others but they were the best. I called and spoke to a customer service person and they were helpful and did not rush me at all. I got the perfect phone number for my books business 1-888-4SavonBooks. I would have never created this without tollfreenumbers.

    Brian A. Darby, Regional Sales Rep

    Testimonial 691 out of 1983

    Thanks for the service. I was skeptical dealing with individuals online that I was unfamiliar with. In fact, I toyed around for about a month, though I had my sights set on 1-877-FOR-WRITERS for some time.
    When I finally pursued the name in earnest, I was amazed that within less than a minute after my credit card was authorized, 1-877-FOR-WRITERS was operational and directed to my home phone. When I called Bell South yesterday to swap the temporary service over to a permanent provider, I told the Bell South representative how this had all transpired. He was absolutely amazed by the story.

    Keith Berkner

    Testimonial 440 out of 1983

    The 888 number is cool! It is a good investment and you were the best when I investigated numbers. You were the most honest. Thank you!

    Kenny Siegel

    Testimonial 1566 out of 1983

    Your site makes it quick and easy to find a toll free number. The staff has been responsive and informative. I cannot imaging how you could make it any easier.


    Linda Page
    RNL Property Investments, LLC
    Mount Holly, New Jersey

    Testimonial 368 out of 1983

    Found an 800 number for my Mailing Lists company-
    800-9-LISTS2GO FOR JUST $49.95---U can NOT do better that. This is a great service run by great people!

    Bob Float

    Testimonial 369 out of 1983

    In addition to a franchise I own, I have started two new companies. Thanks to this site, they both have ideal toll-free numbers that match the domain names we secured. As a result, these new companies are starting off with an established feel and look. I gave my GrandDeck Builders card to a new supplier and he asked is the company was part of a national franchise. He said it just had that large company look to him.

    Joe Casteel
    GrandDeck Builders

    Testimonial 503 out of 1983

    Just wanted to say how easy it was to aquire an 800 number using your service, it was so simple that I was concerned that I wasn't doing it right. You made it very straightforward with no suprises, the way business should be. Thanks for your service, I will recommend it to everyone I know.

    Thanks again,
    Mal Bollman

    Testimonial 1381 out of 1983

    I hardly every leave feedback but I was thinking about doing so because your service made it so easy to get the number we wanted. I found your site and did a number search. I saw that the number was available so I went to your order form and made the purchase. Within an hour my new Toll Free number was working!
    Custom Bass Drumheads from Vintage Logos

    Vintage Logos Inc - Custom Bass Drumheads

    Testimonial 1500 out of 1983

    I really wanted to thank you for securing this number for me. This will really help our business. I'll be sure to use/pass on your name in the future.


    Pat Malloy

    Testimonial 629 out of 1983

    I appreciate your service, you are the best!
    I will need another 800 number soon, will use you for sure!


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