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prices of 800 numbers

Our Service falls into 3 main categories


Using our toll free number search programs is free. We don’t charge to use our search tools we only charge a small one time fee to activate the number you find if it’s available.

Activating Regular 8** numbers

REGULAR 800#s are just $49.95

Regular Activations for numbers that say “Currently Available” are a one time fee of just $49. There are no other hidden fees or charges or any ongoing commitment at all!

90 to 95% of our customers get these regular activations. This applies to any numbers that say “Currently Available” and give you the option to activate or reserve them. Random 800 numbers are slightly more because they take more time and effort to get. Random “800″ numbers are available for only $79.95

The price of Disconnected 800 numbers

DISCONNECTED #s are $195 to $795

Disconnected 800 numbers can be backordered for $4.95, and we ONLY charge the backorder fee if we’re able to get them when they come out of disconnect. These also take a little longer based on when they were disconnected, which determines when they will come out of disconnect within the next couple days or months.

855 #s are $195
866 #s are $195
877 #s are $395
888 #s are $595
800 #s are $795

The prices of Premium 800 Numbers

PREMIUM 800#s are $99 to $999

Premium numbers or nice numeric numbers are categorized into four levels:

1 star numbers are $ 99
2 star numbers are $299
3 star numbers are $599
4 star numbers are $999

Free Service and No Fees

There is NO other ongoing charge or fee at all. We give you free service for the first 30 days or 100 minutes so it’s working right away and we help you transfer it to whatever company you want to use it with. There’s no fee to transfer away from us or to most companies.

You’ll just pay whatever company you want to use it with for the ongoing service as if they got it for you, except since you had it active before transferring it to them, they can’t hold you hostage or claim they gave you the number as part of their service. Your ability to transfer your number is much more important t most people realize. That’s what keeps them honest, the rates low and the service good. And if it ever stops being any of those things you can just transfer YOUR toll free number away!

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    Random Testimonials

    Testimonial 1642 out of 1983

    This is the third toll free number you have secured for my law firm. I am sure to be back for more. You really are the Go Daddy of tollfree numbers. Thank you again for helping me pursue my dreams.


    George P.Conway

    Testimonial 885 out of 1983

    I have been in the Call Center business for 22 plus years,
    Particularly in the Direct Response side. Many of my clients over the
    years, consider using Vanity numbers during certain marketing campaigns like
    print and radio. I have seen some clients pay some big bucks for Vanity
    numbers. My Client Kraft paid $40K for 1800- Miracle for their Miracle
    Whip product for example.

    Others have tried to ascertain vanity numbers and go through various quagmires and run into small print surprises and dubious conditions, like not really owning the vanity number. Clients also face challenges in RespOrging the TFN to their carriers. Thus, frankly I was very skeptical,
    when my client eSafecards was purchasing a vanity number from you. I
    worked with Rita, and the vanity number was RespOrged in one day. That was amazing.

    Bret Butterfield
    Managing Director
    Maximize Marketing Direct, LLC.

    Testimonial 1102 out of 1983

    I have built my national publishing company on a philosophy on always exceeding expectations and your site never fails to impress me. It's simple to use and VERY effective. You have helped provide 2 toll-free numbers for two of our publications and we expect to decide on another shortly. Any time we are developing a new magazine, your site is the first on I check to help decide the best way to position our brand. A strong URL and toll-free number go hand in hand in building a brand that lasts.

    Thanks again for your site. The Sandow Media team is a BIG fan!

    Testimonial 1297 out of 1983

    I am so happy that my long distance carrier referred me to your website, I got a number from you up and running with my carrier in less than 3 days, which is almost unbelievable. Your site is now in my bookmarks and you will get all my future business.

    Best Regards,


    Testimonial 1010 out of 1983

    I never knew that I could so easy to find, purchase, and forward toll free numbers so quickly and cost effectively. Our company, Idea Labz, Inc., parent company to, and are proud sponsors of Thanks for your help Bill =)

    Bobby Kalili, Founder/CEO
    Idea Labz, Corp..
    (877) 4-IDEA LABZ

    Testimonial 1700 out of 1983

    Jeffrey Dobkin is an innovator, entrepreneur and master marketer!Thanks, Bill - always enjoy your 800 number notifications. Your emails and your services are just the right blend of "large enough to handle all of my needs, small enough to get personal with all your clientele." I enjoy your brand of smart and friendly marketing as well.


    Jeffrey Dobkin

    Testimonial 1269 out of 1983

    It was nice doing business with you. I was very impressed how fast you got my 800 number working. Thanks for your efficiency, I will refer you more clients for sure!

    Vanessa Kibbie
    North Hollywood, CA

    Testimonial 640 out of 1983

    By far this was the easiest web page with which to research and purchase my new toll free number! Being able to "port" my number to my own carrier was important to me. allowed me to purchase exactly the number I wanted.

    Joe Dorsey
    Maui Condo In Paradise

    Testimonial 525 out of 1983

    Thanks for the new toll free number. I can't believe we purchased the exact number our company needed -- 888-HYDRORAIN -- for just $49. The cost of a name that wasn't as good was going to run us $1,000's from a competing "800 vanity" service. And you were able to transfer service to our local number within just one day of our activating the number. I'm amazed!

    Stuart Eyring

    Testimonial 754 out of 1983

    "I am amazed how easy your system is, the breadth of functionality it offers, and the overall utility it provides. Any company (large or
    small) can benefit by using After using your service we were able to find several creative (and available) toll free numbers that have immediately increased customer sign-ups for our SEO Seminars about search engine marketing. Thanks Bill, keep it up!!

    Craig H.
    SE Jones LLC