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    Random Testimonials

    Testimonial 687 out of 1983

    The overall experience from your company, service, and user friendly website was outstanding. The phone number search applications & tools were beyond user friendly, they were very intuitive, and I really liked the additional suugestions and group of top picks reccomended.
    Also, on top of all that, in this culture of rarely getting a live person on the phone for help, you not only take calls, but are very accessable without even screening the calls! THAT, in itself is amazing!
    I salute you & your company.

    Bill Watt
    Handy Servants

    Testimonial 1199 out of 1983

    Your service is awesome!! Before finding your site, I wasted well over 16 hours on AT&T's Toll Free Look-up tool. Within minutes of finding tollfreenumbers.com, I had all the facts necessary to secure my company's vanity number. The best thing was that I didn't have to keep a pad and pen handy to jot down potential numbers because you emailed me my query results.

    I am recommending the service to everyone I know. Thank you so much for providing a trusted, informative, and time saving way to identify toll free numbers.

    Best regards,

    Katherine Williams
    1-888-4EXACTLY (439-2285)
    Custom Fitted Bras in Over 500 Sizes from 26AA to 56N

    Testimonial 941 out of 1983

    Our business puts us in contact with a number of service companies, particularly companies in the marketing and advertising field. Rarely if ever have I had the opportunity to work with a company that provides as much sophisticated data prior to an actual purchase. The ease of navigating your site encourages additional purchases.

    Mike Nichter
    Media/Programming Promotional Consultant

    Testimonial 1964 out of 1983

    Its a pleasure to deal with a business who treats you with respect and has no hidden agendas. TollFreeNumbers.com quite simply provides everything you need and nothing that you don't. I'm a repeat and very happy customer. Its easy to find a number, easy to order, and easy to get it set up with your current phone provider. SetNine, Newark, New Jersey IT Consulting


    Seth Danberry, CIO
    SetNine IT Consulting

    Testimonial 229 out of 1983

    Thanks for your thoughtful follow-up Bill. Currently,we are using the number to be accessed through-out Canada regardless of where our final company location will be.

    Having this kind of number is a real advantage on many levels.

    Once again, thanks for the service.

    Joel Camunias
    JRB Health Benefits Inc.

    Testimonial 1582 out of 1983

    Today, May 15th, my toll free number is working for the first time since Jan this year. I endured the worst experience imaginable when I bought my number from a number broker. I had paid for it and it was shut off and they jerked me all around. Let me just say thank you for intervening in the situatation with such a professional approach that your arrangements finally paid off by getting my number turned back on. Again, many thanks - I wish I would have gone through you...

    Russ Guillemot

    Testimonial 512 out of 1983

    Thanks for all your help in getting me a toll free vanity number for my business. My new number 1-877-APEXLOANS will no doubt be an asset. Your user friendly website, the speed with which you responded to every question and the 'no hassle' procedure for releasing the new number to the carrier of my choice is a testiment to your business model. Thanks again!

    Ray Moore
    Apex Mortgage, Inc.

    Testimonial 1289 out of 1983

    I just wanted to thank you for the way in which you sent up my toll free number and securing same. I first reserved the number & then decided to register my number after I had done exhaustive research on this type of service. I compared your site and benefits with several others and found that your service was far superior. The number did indeed work within a very short time after set up and I especially like the "birth certificate"

    I immediately received, showing that I now own 877.707.7155. I know that this number, (easy to remember) will help increase business for advertising and my web site and tgidallas.com. Again, thank you for your professional service and doing exactly what you said you would do.

    Chuck Hayes / 214/ 385-1088

    Testimonial 1183 out of 1983

    Thank you so much Bill for your assistance. It meant so much to hear your voice at the other end of the phone so I could receive an answer to a quick question that I really needed an answer to before I signed up. Also, your assistance in helping me with the appropriate phone numbers was awesome.

    Thank you !
    Adele Arnesen
    Resilience Living

    Testimonial 1772 out of 1983

    What a great service! The toll free number providers' search service is far more limiting and doesn't really help you get the BEST number.

    Tod Madderra