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    Random Testimonials

    Testimonial 473 out of 1983

    Thanks for all your help and even more importantly, all your incredible information and insight. Nobody else can hold a candle to what you've done. You're the ultimate arms dealer in the phone number wars.

    Joe Bidden
    Gurilla marketer

    Testimonial 132 out of 1983

    Worked with Bill on a previous toll-free number, quick process and great help to transfer into our normal phone network.
    Thanks for the help - made a big difference for us, and working with Bill again! Much easier than our big carriers.

    Dan Wolman

    Testimonial 1441 out of 1983

    I haven’t seen any other services, but if I did-I can't imagine them being anywhere as good as yours.
    With your advice I saved about $25K and was able to buy an 866 number from Pathways for $10k after negotiations started over 35k. So thanks so much for your help and your invaluable advice.

    Shawn Y.

    Testimonial 1435 out of 1983

    I was VERY IMPRESSED with your service and integrity.

    It's good to know there are still people like you out there.

    Oren Hutchinson,
    Cave Creek, AZ

    Testimonial 566 out of 1983

    You guys are awesome. Everything on your end went smoothly. Now the hard part is to get Voice Connect Inc.(my 800# provider) to answer my e-mail and voicemails. I wish all communication companies were as on the ball as you guys are.

    Dylan Tanaka
    Homefree Michigan

    Testimonial 785 out of 1983

    I can't believe how easy it was to get my vanity number. I really appreciate your service. The next day two other companies contacted me and they can't compare to what you offer. I got the best number while everyone else was sleeping. You are a genius! I can't thank you enough!

    Bonnie Musser
    877-Utah Agent

    Testimonial 1459 out of 1983

    Thanks Bill and Rita,

    I haven't even finished reading the after Activation reply email and the number is already working!1-800 sleep apnea

    Kevin Barrow
    Sleep Apnea Connection

    Testimonial 1647 out of 1983

    Thank You! I am not the person who usually handles this part of the business, so I thought it would be a difficult, bureaucratic mess. Working with TollFreeNumbers.com made my job easy and fun! Their search engine is fantastic, giving me ideas I had not thought of on my own. My new number is perfect!

    The Jewelry Portfolio.com

    Testimonial 83 out of 1983

    Thanks for making this so easy..I look forward to increasing my business through the easy to remember number..

    Scott Avanzino
    Paradise Outfitters

    Testimonial 71 out of 1983

    Was looking to build my business and toll free made it super easy to check and get my new number to direct traffic.

    Patti helms

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