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    Random Testimonials

    Testimonial 183 out of 1983

    Thank you for all of your help, going through and helping us find a great number (866-945-GEEK) for our computer consulting business. This is the first time we have setup a toll free number, and you've made the process so simple and user-friendly. This number will be a valuable asset to our business, since it sets us a cut above our competitors.

    John C. Knapp
    John Knapp Computer Consulting

    Testimonial 28 out of 1983

    Your site was not just informative but extremely helpful and really built trust, which is crucial in business decisions but talking to you in person sealed the deal. You are the kind of person that deserves customer loyalty and ‘earns’ it one customer at a time. I liked that you provided all the details upfront and let me (the customer) make an informed decision too. You definitely know your business and I will be referring friends and associates to your site, trusting that you will handle the business as promptly and professionally as you did mine.

    You definitely exceeded my expectations. Thank you for all the work you put into helping me ‘look good’ and make a choice that will mean more business.

    Peggy Boehmer
    Managing Editor of Wildlife Harvest, The magazine for gamebird production

    Testimonial 1593 out of 1983

    At Davis Voice & Data we are always speaking to our customers about making them more efficient and saving money. You would be amazed how many companies operate very well, but are in the dark when it comes to voice and data needs. Toll Free Numbers.com will help me greatly in taking the guess work out of helping get an 800 number. This service is incredibly personal and very effective, within minutes our service was fully operational. Thanks Mr. Bill.

    Pete Davis

    Testimonial 1958 out of 1983

    Thanks guys! Everything went very smoothly. You've definitely got a great service and great support......

    Peter Curley
    Old Saybrook, CT

    Testimonial 874 out of 1983

    Just to let you know...........I was so thrilled with your help in acquiring my vanity numbers.....that I gave your name / number out all the time to others.

    Susan Watkins

    Testimonial 1087 out of 1983

    I just want to thank this site for their constant availabilty in locating just the right number for my future business startup...For months, I would revisit this site to check for available numbers and submit keywords to see what was available and minutes later, there were several hundreds to choose from in my inbox..Today, I went in a day after I registered my web domain(finally) and put that in the number search and low and behold, 888-JACKMOJO was available...Thanks for all your company's help.

    Chris Harte, Owner
    JackMojo Personal Driving Service

    Testimonial 1781 out of 1983

    THANK YOU BILL! I cannot believe our local phone company could not do this for us in 10 days. You make it look so easy.DegreeC provides intelligent cooling solutions to address the heat generated by densely packed electronics

    Thanks once again.

    Shanthin Nair

    Testimonial 1538 out of 1983

    What an outstanding service! I've never much liked the major phone companies with their attitudes and sense of being the only game in town. Leave it to somebody like Mr. Quimby to be smart and nimble and fill a market need. You deserve all the rewards that come with your site's success!

    Scott Harvey

    Testimonial 531 out of 1983

    Your service was the perfect solution to my business needs. The vanity number lookup service was user friendly and very saavy. I am extremely pleased with my new number that you helped me locate. On top of that, your prices were more than reasonable and the service providers you recommended were competitvely priced and easy to use as well. The best thing I liked about your company though is the level of service provided. Namely, Rita was so cordial and helped me with services that were not even provided by your company after I already ordered your service. In this day and age, good customer service like that is just not easy to find anymore. I'll definitely refer friends and colleagues to you guys anytime.


    Testimonial 609 out of 1983

    You are a very nice person. I still can't get over that you are a "real" person. I usually find on-line businesses to be very impersonal. Yours is very different!