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    Random Testimonials

    Testimonial 1160 out of 1983

    We at VeriPic.com are extremely happy with your service. You got us 888-VERIPIC with no trouble at all. We are a sizable company and have a need for special toll free numbers for various different marketing campaigns. We will plan to use your service for additional toll free numbers in the future.

    -John Kwan, CEO

    Testimonial 1342 out of 1983

    Your website and your customer service was excellent. You gave me great ideas how to find the best toll free number for my newly formed company. I appreciate all your help.

    Kind regards,
    Gabriella Vidak
    Bang Out USA, Inc.

    Testimonial 1471 out of 1983

    Wow, I spent a lot of time on other sites trying to find just the right 1-800 # and you guys hooked me up, even while browsing on my blackberry.

    I now have a number that reflects what we teach: 1-888-I DID-FIX. Thank you, continued success.

    Daryl Moore

    Moore Technical College
    Golden, CO

    Testimonial 805 out of 1983

    Tollfreenumbers.com had the exact vanity number I requested to coordinate with my company name and website. From the number selection process, to ownership of the number, the entire transaction was incredibly simple, fast, and affordable. If I had a question, Bill was right there to answer my question, without hestitancy. In this fast paced world, it's nice to connect to the person behind the company. The support behind tollfreenumbers.com is just as reliable.

    Cara Rose

    Testimonial 1348 out of 1983

    That is the headline that I'd write for Bill and Rita. You see, I got a great tollfree number from them and it was time to implement it, I put down the wrong number. If it weren't for their patience and help it would have been a real problem.

    We went back and forth a couple of times with a virtual call forwarding service I had joined. While the new tollfree number is being ported (transferred to be a direct number rather than ringing forward) the service assigned me a temporary number so the tollfree number could forward calls to me. Everything seemed okay. However, after a couple of days I tested the service's forwarding number. It was working. The new service was working. But the tollfree number was ringing into an intercept that said the number was "no longer in service".

    That started our journey: I shot off an email to Rita... she replied she would have it working in a couple of hours... I tried the next day but it still wasn't working. I shot off an email to Bill. He and Rita both wrote back and said it was working from New York and New Jersey. I tried the tollfree number from a New York phone but it still wasn't working... so I wrote to them saying, "I keep dialing 888-807 and the rest of the number.

    Shortly thereafter I got an email reply from Rita suggesting that the number I purchased was 888-708 not 888-807.

    Hmmmmm, I sheepishly dialed the correct number and through some miracle it worked :-/

    So, if you have configuration problems with a TollFreeNumbers.com number and if you are dyslexic, as I am, have someone else in your office dial your new number. :-)

    My thanks to Rita and Bill for their patience with me.

    Thanks again,
    Steve Campbell, an embarrassed but satisfied customer

    Testimonial 1254 out of 1983

    Your website made searching for and locating a toll free number really intuitive. No hassles, no intimidation, and the report on useful numbers allowed me to easily locate a number that fit my business' needs!

    Things just got better - once I selected the number it was "instantly"
    activated, and then followed the manual of how to do the transfer which was also painless!

    Outstanding Site and Service in this day of mediocre performance from most companies - I've passed along your site to some friends already!!

    Thomas Rohde, M.D.

    Testimonial 60 out of 1983

    thank you bill your web site was very helfull to obtain a toll free # . It's easy to use

    Ahmed Alsourougi
    Saturn Insurance Services, Inc

    Testimonial 249 out of 1983

    Again, thank you so much. After months of trying to get my company off the ground, i'm finally open for business. I am truly lucky to have met Bill Quimby.

    Eternally greatful,

    Testimonial 5 out of 1983

    Setting up our toll free number was the most satisfying, instant gratification experience I think I have ever had. I was IMing an associate and had him test dial 877-MATT-NOW and he was so surprised that you could activate it in seconds, and as a result he is going to look for a number too. Thank you for attentive service, and it's also refreshing and nice to see the actual person you are talking to.


    Testimonial 1649 out of 1983

    Sun State Merchant ServicesThanks for the help bill. You really took the tim to help us and it's has been a pleasure!

    Ryan Schroeder