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    Random Testimonials

    Testimonial 1973 out of 1983


    It was great talking with you. I am very thankful for your help. It was very impressive to have an honest conversation with an ethical and knowledgeable professional like you. Once again, thank you very much!


    Testimonial 481 out of 1983

    Once again you've come through for us. Your site is the best tool around for finding an 800 number. I was astounded how quickly the number was connected. The screen said "Order Complete, Your Number is Now Connected".
    So, I picked-up my cell phone and called the new 800 number, and sure enough my business phone rang... Amazing!

    Joel Plofsky
    Express Lane Media

    Testimonial 1905 out of 1983

    Thanks so much for all your help. I was so fortunate when I found this site in my toll free number quest. I was able to obtain the perfect vanity number for my new business in 1 day. I had it transferred to a Canadian provider and working within 1 week.

    With all the obstacles facing new business owners, it was such a pleasure to have Bill and his team respond to my queries promptly and efficiently. sexy brazilan inspired underwareIt was a very easy process for somebody who had never done this before!


    Testimonial 1689 out of 1983

    You have been most helpful and I very much appreciate your advice and referrals and the extension. You answered the phone as your web site said you would and explained everything in a clear and concise manner. Dealing w/ Sprint on the other hand, was the most impossible phone call I have ever had!

    Best Regards,

    Glenn Alterman
    Alterman Insurance

    Testimonial 1142 out of 1983

    When my first national commercial was about to run, our agency said we needed an 800 number. I was so worried we were over our head in a complex issue with a time sensitive deadline. YOU MADE IT SO EASY for us. We were able to search some great 800 ideas, you patiently took every one of my calls and even helped us get the number ported on a Sunday evening no less.

    I have been in business for 25 years and believe that customer service is our most valuable asset. I appreciate someone like your self who feels that this is your mission as it is mine to get every little girl down the aisle in a pretty DRESSY KID flower girl dress. (Get the pun?) Needless to say, we choose 877-dressy-kid and picked up the URL as well, pointing it and our new 800 number to Pegeen.com

    Bill, I appreciate you so much,,,,as I said, when my staff begun to panic, I said , "Hey Bill Quimby at TollFreeNumbers,com is handling it" and I knew you would.
    Witness your reply to me at 12:35 am on a Sunday night.

    Marg Hyland, President
    PEGEEN.COM Formalwear for Children

    Testimonial 1809 out of 1983

    This is an amazing service! I just hope my competition remains in the dark as to how we come up time after time with project specific numbers! I'll be really upset if this endorsement opens the door to someone else in our niche business! get the public involvedThanks to Toll Free Numbers for being a creative, quick resource.


    Testimonial 1240 out of 1983

    Bill Quimby is the rarest of resources, a fellow who actually understands how the telecom infrastructure works, and who gives incredible value for the fee he charges. I can unhesitatingly recommend his service.

    Brett Stewart, Chief Technical Officer
    Acumera, Inc.

    Testimonial 620 out of 1983

    I got to talk to you personally on the phone about a mistake I made in my toll-free number registration. You were kind and patient to help me make changes for my toll-free number to the one I was looking for. And when I made a second mistake from my indecisiveness on selecting a toll-free number, you allowed me to change my toll-free number again, even though it wasn't required of you, and you kindly helped me select a toll-free number that was suitable for my business. I would just like to send a sincere thank you for your wonderful service and kindness.

    A Customer,

    Testimonial 1465 out of 1983

    Thank you so much for your service! We spoke several years ago briefly when we registered our first phone number with you (1-877-FOOD-MINISTRY) and you were easy to reach, helpful, and very attentive to our needs. We have since registered six additional numbers, including 1-800-COMIDA-9 and several memorable 800 numerics. One time our printer made a mistake and printed our toll free number incorrectly on 10,000 DVD covers. We were able to retrieve the EXACT misprinted number from your site and have it pointed to the right number in minutes. You saved us thousands of dollars in reprints -- what a lifesaver!

    We will continue to use your service for all of our future campaigns simply because of the integrity, quality and speed of your service. Your easy-to-use website, low prices, email monitoring service and instant activation are unparalleled in the industry. Thanks again! 1-800 ministries for food

    All the best,

    Sam Pfanstiel I.T. Director
    Angel Food Ministries

    Testimonial 67 out of 1983

    You are as good as advertised! Your knowledge and assistance made a very cumbersome process simple. Highly recommend it.


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