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    Random Testimonials

    Testimonial 976 out of 1983

    Thanks for setting up my new 800 number. I was surprised - and very pleased - at how easy it was. Hugo and I were in business with our new Vanity Number in just minutes from entering your site.

    Your directions were clear and concise and the number look-up very quick. AND, I found just the right Vanity number. Hugo and I highly recommend Tollfreenumbers.com

    Heather in Beautiful British Columbia

    Testimonial 1805 out of 1983

    as usual your website is flawless and efficient (and obviously still a brilliant concept!) Your lightning-fast feedback and customer service combined with all the value-added services (monthly updates, toll-free birth certificate, user guide with all the great information, etc.) truly puts you at the top of this industry. Anybody would be crazy not to come to your site, search for a good vanity number (or 5 good numbers like I've bought...), and then just get on with their business. Keep up the great work, and as we work on other projects and business units, we'll probably be purchasing more numbers from you fairly soon!


    Scott Harvey
    Laguna Niguel, California

    Testimonial 821 out of 1983

    I was infinitely pleased with the servies I received from you and your website. Everything was as advertised and my very catchy number 888-55-UPFRONT is a great addition to my website.

    Joe Khoei,
    Upfront Mortgage Broker

    Testimonial 1741 out of 1983

    Auto detailingThe features on this site are amazing! I can find any combination of numbers.

    Thanks again!

    Jason Milen

    Testimonial 1091 out of 1983

    I am amazed the quick response I have received from you and your company. It took you less than 3 minutes to activate my new number. Thank you so much, now we can add the number to our advertising campaign.

    Andrew Copertino (Det. Ret.), President
    South Shore Investigations Inc.

    Testimonial 1978 out of 1983

    Robert Schuller's Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, California

    December 16, 2010

    Dear Bill,

    Word has come to me of your dedication to our ministry… by your very focused and specific help in our obtaining the uses of our new toll free number, 1 866 GET HOPE.

    Thank you, Bill, for this effort and all of the support that you have provided and expressed to our great work in the past.

    I’ve said it a million times, but it’s still true—if it weren’t for generous, dedicated persons like YOU, our ministry could not have and would not have reached the notoriety, the visibility and achieved the powerful positive impact that we have.

    I know that God is blessing you, too, for your generous heart.

    Robert Schuller from Crystal Cathedral

    Testimonial 1549 out of 1983

    manufacturer and provider of consumer products and services focusing on electronic handheld accessories.If you ever need an 800 vanity number, just contact tollfreenumbers.com and your worries are over. You'll get great, fast service and at a great price!

    Brian Packer

    Testimonial 1420 out of 1983

    Being in China recently trying to get a number we where unable to get the order form to come up to pay for the number. I called and talked to Bill and he said don't worry we will hold the number in your name and you can take care if on your return. He did! and must say am very impressed by the great service and the trust he showed in us. Thank you Bill!

    Barney G Ward
    TUIT Inc.

    Testimonial 641 out of 1983

    THANK YOU!!!!

    What wonderful service you provide.

    Frank A. Staff, Sr.
    CardService International

    Testimonial 1536 out of 1983

    You guys are the best! So far you're 100% and we've been thrilled with the service you have provided.switchblade knives, automatic knives, spring-assisted knives, butterfly knives, out the front knives and knife related items

    Cameron Hughes
    Blade HQ

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