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    Random Testimonials

    Testimonial 1065 out of 1983

    Thank you for your truly exceptional service – it’s much appreciated.

    Thank you very much, it’s been fantastic doing business with you.

    Best regards,
    Henry Moodie

    Testimonial 1740 out of 1983

    First let me say thanks for taking the time to personally speak with me to help me select my 1-888 number. I was thrilled on how easy it was to actually attain a number, I was even more thrilled to get the actual number I wanted. This number will make it so easy for my future customers to remember how to call us. I think the key to having a successful business is providing easy to remember contact information and I was able to achieve this goal by using your service.

    It was a pleasure to speak with you Bill. Thanks again for being there for us to provide this wonderful service. I will definitely spread the word!

    Terrence C. Williams, CEO
    Friends And Family Shuttles LLC

    Testimonial 1041 out of 1983

    We have purchased many toll-free numbers from Bill over the past several years. There are other search engines out there, but Bill & Rita not only have the best one to find numbers, they also provide the most effective process to transfer ownership and establish the working number. Their friendly and professional assistance is a very valuable asset for us (www.callcap.com).

    Bryan Bender, CFO
    CMB Consulting/CALLCAP

    Testimonial 225 out of 1983

    I was very pleased with the quality, speed, and value of your service. You did exactly what you said you were going to do exactly when you said it would be done and that is a rare occurance these days. I was (and still am ) confused about the toll free process, but thanks to you, that is something I'll never have to learn.

    Mike Stern

    Testimonial 1210 out of 1983

    I already told my brother, Steve, about your service and I will tell more. I am an extremely satisified customer and will do business with you in my future. Your service was amazing.

    Thanks and talk to you soon,
    Sandy Duval

    Testimonial 1558 out of 1983

    I confess I was initially a little bit apprehensive… However that changed as soon as I spoke to Bill Quimby and his out of this world service! He was able to come up with 800-912-PANAMA… According to other toll-free companies which I had contacted, such a great "vanity" number would have set me back a couple of thousand dollars – had they been able to provide it… but I ended up paying slightly under 60.00 dollars! specializing in assisting American and Canadian investors wishing to invest in PanamaAnd Bill's amazing customer service came at no extra charge: at my request he even suggested an excellent provider. Now, customers from the U.S. and Canada can reach me directly on my cell phone here in Panama!

    Thanks again, Bill, and keep up the great work!

    Chris Frochaux
    Republic of Panama

    Testimonial 1553 out of 1983

    Tanya Gendelman PC has skilled New York medical malpractice attorneys and NY accident attorneysI have already purchased two numbers for my law practice by using your site: 1-888-8-NOFAULT and 1-888-8-ADBOKAT, and I have been having fun ever since! I am certain to return for more numbers in the future as I am working on further developing and improving my site, no-faultaccident.com. The numbers are a terrific marketing tool and I highly recommend your site and service to anyone who is serious about their business.

    Sincerely yours,
    Tanya Gendelman, Esq.

    Testimonial 1049 out of 1983

    If you use an enhanced voicemail service or any system for all your calls that also detects fax tones, but you don't need the fax detection you should consider turning that feature off, if possible. Background noise or things can sometimes make the fax dection system think a regular voice call is a fax call. It is pain to the caller the first time, but if they hang up and call bck again, and the same background voice triggers the fax tones again, they're probably going to give up and may never call you.

    If you need the fax detection, that's fine. But many people have seperate fax lines so they really don't need the detection system which could malfunction. This is just a very small tip, but it might be helpful!

    Testimonial 1008 out of 1983

    Thank you for creating such a wonderful system to assist small business owners with obtaining a toll free number. Your website is the easiest and fastest way to secure a toll free number ... period .

    Best of luck in 2007.

    Alan Dunn

    Testimonial 1625 out of 1983

    We found it remarkable how fast they were able to satisfy our request. One phone call to the owner and all questions and concerns were answered. In addition we were supplied with several new marketing ideas we hadn’t considered, which aided in the overall selection of a 800 number.

    A Sturgies
    CEO Rapid Response Optimum

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