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    Random Testimonials

    Testimonial 1817 out of 1983

    Thank you. You provide A GREAT SERVICE. God bless you. Thanks again.Denville, NJ based business card printer

    Mark Bennett
    Advantage Biz Cards

    Testimonial 619 out of 1983

    I have searched the Internet for a while and could not figure out how to get a number, what to do, where to start until I found your website. After 30 seconds of reading your pages I knew that I will get my number there.
    I think, you are the best on the market because:
    2. Great Information posted (all that I needed) 3. Great Service.

    Aliaks Klyshevich, Owner
    Dom Foto

    Testimonial 1050 out of 1983

    Thanks for providing this service, it was super easy and I will definitely promote the site to friends, family's and business associates!

    Kim Dannettell

    Testimonial 408 out of 1983

    Thanks so much for your help, I have now a working number and one I can customize words with.
    866 wow more "mpg, or fuel savings,hp,distance,miles per tank, power, many more too.

    Chris Stafki
    Distributor for Energycel

    Testimonial 885 out of 1983

    I have been in the Call Center business for 22 plus years,
    Particularly in the Direct Response side. Many of my clients over the
    years, consider using Vanity numbers during certain marketing campaigns like
    print and radio. I have seen some clients pay some big bucks for Vanity
    numbers. My Client Kraft paid $40K for 1800- Miracle for their Miracle
    Whip product for example.

    Others have tried to ascertain vanity numbers and go through various quagmires and run into small print surprises and dubious conditions, like not really owning the vanity number. Clients also face challenges in RespOrging the TFN to their carriers. Thus, frankly I was very skeptical,
    when my client eSafecards was purchasing a vanity number from you. I
    worked with Rita, and the vanity number was RespOrged in one day. That was amazing.

    Bret Butterfield
    Managing Director
    Maximize Marketing Direct, LLC.

    Testimonial 192 out of 1983

    Your site was a very lucky find for our company. We are brand new in the travel business and had no idea how to get started with toll free numbers other than we wanted one close to our name or our parent companies name. Your E-book and site made it all very simple to deal with.

    Scott Mendell
    Great Getaways For Less

    Testimonial 130 out of 1983

    For folks like myself who are concerned about what kind of numbers they get from the phone company and want to keep those numbers for perhaps a lifetime, your website and advice are a great help.

    Steve Johnson

    Testimonial 873 out of 1983

    Thank you for your help!!!!

    Sandy Kaminskas

    Testimonial 526 out of 1983

    Fast & easy setup, number worked instantly to cell phone within a minute or less after signing up for my number.

    Dennis Adams
    Morgan& Adams Marketing LLC.

    Testimonial 694 out of 1983

    As a small business owner, I really appreciated Bill's plain-english, straight-up approach to this service. The provided information was exactly -what I needed to know, the prices were uncommonly reasonable and the customer service was superb! I also *really* appreciated the compiled list of numbers that I received shortly after my inquiry -- fantastic! It made identifying the right number for my business a simple decision.

    Kudos to you
    Kim Mihalik
    The Neat Life Organizers