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    Random Testimonials

    Testimonial 1839 out of 1983

    Thanks very much for helping me secure a great toll free number and your amazing service. I called you up expecting to pay hundreds of dollars and ended up only paying $49.00!

    Thanks again!

    Stacey Ison
    Toronto Honda

    Testimonial 1105 out of 1983

    We've acquired many 800 numbers from Bill's team at 1-800-MARKETER. The website is very straigth-forward. No hassle and hustle. You guys do what you promise time and time again. Awesome service!

    Thanks Bill!

    Glory Dolphin, Chief Executive Officer
    IQAir North America, Inc.

    Testimonial 795 out of 1983

    great fast service!!!

    Matt Ehrlich

    Testimonial 1293 out of 1983

    Great service! Certainly reduces the usual difficulty maize.

    Arnie Hillmann
    Entropy Solutions, Inc.

    Testimonial 578 out of 1983

    I stumbled upon your site using a Google search. You have designed a site which is informative,user-friendly and able to perform and execute when all your competitors where closed and probably fast asleep. I never imagined I would be able to research,select and purchase a vanity toll-free number on a Saturday night. If that wasn't impressive enough, it was ringing to my selected number within five minutes. It is absolutely amazing what you have accomplished with your website. Thanks for providing such a great service.

    James M. Harlan
    340 Commerce,LLC

    Testimonial 776 out of 1983

    Thank you very much for our vanity # 1-888-ALGAE-US and for activating it so quickly.

    David Hutchinson
    VP Sales/Marketing
    David Hutchinson
    VP Sales/Marketing

    Testimonial 1576 out of 1983

    Thanks, Bill!

    I hope my business can be as effective and efficient as yours has proven....Thanks Again!

    Tom Phillips
    DSG Companies
    Columbus, Ohio

    Testimonial 923 out of 1983

    So let’s see, you have a great site, provide terrific customer service, make a potentially complicated process simple, and you do all this at a great price. What’s not to like? I’ve already recommended you to friends and will continue to do so.

    Thanks for the help,

    Testimonial 341 out of 1983

    How awesome is this service!!! You made it very easy looking for something toll free that related to my business name. Thank you so much.

    Mike Skier

    Testimonial 1831 out of 1983

    I had contemplated an 800 number for months and kept looking at your site and I received your periodic emails with nudges in the direction of purchasing. With my website about the launch I decided to really consider it. It was really easy and no hassle and I am please to acknowledge your system and your service as very user friendly and very low cost. My website is swisselitewatches.com and I hope to get lots of calls on my new 800 number. Thanks for your help and service. I WILL recommend your service to others.swiss elite watches

    Best Regards,

    Barry Sherman