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    Random Testimonials

    Testimonial 341 out of 1983

    How awesome is this service!!! You made it very easy looking for something toll free that related to my business name. Thank you so much.

    Mike Skier

    Testimonial 1022 out of 1983

    Your customer service far exceeded my expectations. When I tried to order a number that was already taken, you not only notified me of my mistake, but you were able to figure out the number I meant to order and in fact hold it for me!

    Thanks so much for you help!
    The Baker Twins

    Testimonial 234 out of 1983

    You really helped me and my Client A-1 Energy Solutions. I work for 93.9KZLA "The Country station" in Los Angeles/Orange County and needed a easy number to list on their Radio spot. This really helped me get a number that is easily remembered and catchy for my new clients Radio promotion. I look forward to many more opportunities to work with you Bill. I cannot wait to write back and tell you how it worked with the almost 1 million people that will hear it!!

    Craig Price
    Account Executive

    Testimonial 1942 out of 1983

    Thanks for all your help. Although the vanity number I wanted was unavailable, I was able to get a good easy to dial 800 number. I also wanted to point out the importance of knowing without any doubt, that I own the 800 number I bought and will always be able to port it to any company I choose for service. I can be this certain because, unlike other companies that sell 800 numbers and ALSO provide monthly service, your company only sell the number. Therefore, I don't have to worry that there might be some fine print that I missed and have some company refuse to release my number so that I'll be forced to continue paying for their service each month.

    Last, I should point out that I would not have gone to the trouble to write and send this letter unless I was very happy with your service. Thanks again.

    Ken Costanzo
    Spring Valley, CA

    Testimonial 1729 out of 1983

    Bentley Murdock MusicianWow!! I can't believe it really was THAT EASY!!

    -Thanks, Guys!!!

    -Bentley Murdock-

    Testimonial 616 out of 1983

    Rita put me in touch with FreedomVOICE, and I've got that set up.

    Thanks for all your help. I think your company does a wonderful job of staying "customer-centered".

    Zach Shoher

    Testimonial 1759 out of 1983

    We are an extremely satisfied customer of yours and really appreciate your extensive knowledge.

    Scott Brown
    Enka, North Carolina

    Testimonial 1413 out of 1983

    You provide a very good service and your email responses are very helpful. I'm very impressed.

    Todd P.
    ILF, Inc.

    Testimonial 1698 out of 1983

    an educational consulting and tutoring company in New York CityBill-

    Thank you for all your help. We got a great number thanks to you.


    Jonathan Beck & Jess Brondo
    The Edge

    Testimonial 869 out of 1983

    Your service is perfect.I call you and you answer right away and give me all the information I need to get the best number for my business. You helped me secure 1-888-Xzorbit and I am going to use yor investigator service to hopefully aquire another 800 nomber for my business. I rerally like the follow up information regarding my sercured number that even includes a nice birth certificate of ownership. Great service! Thankyou very much!

    Terry McDaniel
    Xzorbit Fitness, Inc.