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    Random Testimonials

    Testimonial 759 out of 1983

    When your the best at what you do it helps you do your job better than anyone else. Thats why your the best at what you do.

    Don A.

    Testimonial 1519 out of 1983

    Your service was very timely for us. We are starting a cruise only travel agency and need a number that was easy to remember and was "on task" for our new business and you came through. Thanks for your great service ... WOW all of this for less than 50 bucks!

    Rodney George
    Boomer Cruises

    Testimonial 117 out of 1983

    You folks have made the process of acquiring a toll free number extremely easy and efficient!

    Paul Burkey

    Testimonial 871 out of 1983

    "Wow! Bill and his team have created an excellent website for people to find and buy the perfect toll free number. Plus, their pricing and customer service was second to none. I don't know why anyone would shop anywhere else."


    Testimonial 1000 out of 1983

    Bill, I can't believe how easy it was to order and have the toll free number that I wanted. that when I ordered it online and after I was done which probably took all of 5 minutes and the number was I am still in shockmine and active I immediately called that number and it worked I still can't believe so simple and efficient you have set- up your company and I really appreciated the quick response and the ability to talk to someone.

    The 23 page booklet that you get is unbelievable. Its no wonder you are the King of this industry. I would recommend your comapny and service to anyone. I have been in business for over 20 years and there aren't many businesses that have such great service like yours. It has been a pleasure. I am still in a need of a couple more 800's numbers and I will wait until you have them.


    Pasquale Civitella

    Testimonial 660 out of 1983

    You did an excellent job and delivered exactly what you promised, which is pretty rare in today's world. Thanks for your help.

    JP Pape

    Testimonial 216 out of 1983

    Thanks for the fast, easy, no hassle, professional business support! I've worked in Telecom 30 years and you give the best customer support I've seen!

    Bob & Julia Jordan

    Testimonial 360 out of 1983

    Very helpfully laid out!


    Testimonial 59 out of 1983

    Helpful. Friendly. Knowledgeable. And very quick. All of which was greatly appreciated..

    Ed Fry

    Testimonial 580 out of 1983

    "I did a search for vanity toll free numbers and was fortunate to find your site. Your site not only answered the questions I had, but it offered tools that are simple to use and navigate through the many options in choosing an appropriate number. I will continue using your services as I build future marketing assets for both my company and my clients."

    Jeremy Drzal, President
    JCO Group, Inc