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One of the main features of our site is Instant 800 Lookup, which allows you to lookup specific numbers live into the SMS800 database. It is the fastest, the smartest and the most thorough lookup tool of it’s kind. It’s quick and easy to use, searches multiple databases and will let you activate or backorder any number you find available too.

Our NEW Toll Free Search Engine has always had the best search process for toll free numbers, providing more options, more information and faster results than anyone else, but with our NEW Toll Free Search Engine we’ve raised the bar to a whole new level. We’ve added a new system that typically checks thousands of numbers for each query and often finds 50 to 100 or more possible numbers for any word or phrase.

We had to change the name from Instant 800 Lookup to Toll Free Search Engine because this isn’t just a lookup tool any more, it really is a search engine! The results come back faster with our new dynamic loading process that lets the computer search in multiple places at once and load the results as they come back. And we’re using an iframe window to keep the often lengthy results from making too long of a page. This will allow us to add even additional features which are already on the drawing board.

We already have the best search process but we are making it easier and easier to find the best possible vanity number. We are very focused on developing it even more and making the best possible tool in the business. Give it a try and let us know what you think! We really want your input and feedback as we continue to add features and improve this for you!

2. What you see on the Results Page

Random Tips

The first thing you’ll see when you use the Instant 800 Lookup is a row of text at the top, that usually starts with TIP #.  This is designed to let users know it’s working as well as to educate visitors in short little bites, and it gives them something interesting to think about for the thirty seconds or so that the SMS800 query can take.  The tips rotate at random now but in the next version they will be more related to the users query term.  Many of the tips are shown in the Tips Section too.  By the way, you can find the Tips Section by clicking on the TIP of the bouncing arrow in the blue circle next to the Instant 800 Lookup.

Toll Free Number Search Results

The key part of the Instant 800 Lookup is the Blue Toll Free Numbers Search Results box.  It may take a few seconds for it to appear, especially if any of the numbers have been in Available or Disconnect status.  The queries that were all active last month go faster since those aren’t checked live because they don’t usually have any chance  The default area code is 8**.  You can select a specific area code but it’s usually better to leave the 8** since it doesn’t speed anything up to specify a single area code.

3. What does it all mean?

What does “In Use” mean?

It may seem self evident (I kind of hoped it was) but some people don’t understand so I figured I better explain it.  “In Use” means it’s in Active status with another carrier presumably for a customer.  It basically means it’s already taken or “in use”.  It’s OK to call the number too, but even if it doesn’t go through that does NOT mean the number is available or able for you to get.  That’s kind of like assuming that a house is for sale just because nobody is home. I repeat, no matter what you hear when you call a toll free number, that does NOT mean it’s available. Calling the number is kind of like typing a domain name into your browser. Just because it doesn’t pull up a webpage, does NOT mean it’s available to register.

The dates in the Search Results

After “In Use” the search results usually indicates a year.  That isn’t the date it was set up, it’s the date of the last change at the Resporg.  I show this because it’s more helpful than the set up date, because if a number’s not going through and it shows an old date that’s a good indication that it could be lost or stranded in the phone company.  The new dates mean more recent activity and less likelihood of being able to get it.  If the date says In Use since 1970, that means there is no date, which usually means that that number was in reserved status and hadn’t been activated as of the first of the month.

Phone Company info available

The secure lookup does NOT show you the customer information.  We can only give you the phone company that services the number, and we can only provide that to our customers.  You would need to contact the phone company responsible for the number for any customer information.  Continue reading

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