Be careful of calling 800 sex lines

This was submitted by a customer and we thought it was worth republishing although we should point out that we have dialed an awful lot of 800 numbers over the years and this certainly isn’t typical.

As you know, I am trying to get a specific vanity number. Well, when I called this number using one of the toll free prefixes, it turned out to be a sex talk line. As soon as I realized this, I hung up. Unfortunately, I had neglected to block my number from caller ID. Thus, the sex talk business now had my number. Much to my chagrin, they started texting me to try to entice me to call the sex talk number. Messages like; Hey baby, I’m hot and horney. Call me tonight.”

As if this wasn’t bad enough, salt was being rubbed in my wound because, with my phone plan, I am charged 20 cents for every incoming text message. So, in addition to being assaulted with this crap, I had to pay for it.

Even under the new “do not call registry” law, a company can continue to call you for up to 90 days from the date of the last business relationship. I knew they would maintain that my dialing their number constituted a business relationship. Plus, the only number I had to call them to attempt to complain was the sex talk number and I would be charged $1.99 a minute if I called that number.

With the number of text messages they were sending me on a daily basis, it was starting to get expensive and I was desparate to put an end to this harrassment without changing my phone number. What was I to do…?

On the 3rd day of receiving these texts, I can up with a brilliant idea. I would threaten them with the loss of what was most valuable to them; the effective loss of their vanity number.
The next time I received a text from them, I sent them a reply text which read, as follows;

“If you do not remove my number from your call list, I will set my computer to continuously dial your number and keep it jammed so you can’t receive any other calls.”

I haven’t received any more texts from them.

Thanks for yoiu help in attempting to obtain my vanity number. I’m looking foward to hearing from you.


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