I didn’t see anything that really grabbed me. Something like 1-800-justice would be perfect.

Thanks, Steve

Hi Steve,
The question isn’t whether or not 1-800 JUSTICE would be perfect or not, any more than you need to decide whether or not you would want to marry a sports illustrated super model. You just have to decide whether you think any of the people you can actually meet have any potential.

We’re like Match.com and we can show you all of the people that are available that match some of the criteria you put in. But we can’t get you Miss America. Our job is to help you find the best available numbers, not the PERFECT number.

Bill Quimby

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    Random Testimonials

    Testimonial 1061 out of 1983

    Thank you so much for finding the right toll free number for HOTT 107.COM! Your prompt attention gave our station worldwide response and validity it needed. Listeners can not stop calling now:-) I'll be contacting you when I launch my next station.

    Thanks again,

    Rick Party
    HOTT107.com, Program Director

    Testimonial 17 out of 1983

    I just wanted to send a quick thank you for all of your time and effort you put into helping me find the perfect toll free number and provider. You truly are dedicated to your clients and that is a rare find. Thank you again.

    Nicholas W. Hall
    Albany Telecom, Inc.
    1-800 WE-ANSWER!

    Testimonial 1333 out of 1983

    I thought the site was very well-organized and you seem to provide an excellent and highly personalized service in an industry not exactly renowned for either! I feel as if I know you just from your site and I really appreciate your obvious commitment to high standards and for all the suggestions for numbers in the emails!

    Thank you VERY much.
    Helena Clift, LL.M. & Solution-Focused Life Coach.
    Life Coaching for Lawyers

    Testimonial 1683 out of 1983

    I personally spoke with Bill Quimby by calling toll free numbers.com and he guided me through the process and showed me why his toll-free site is the best around.

    Thanks Bill!
    Anthony Wilson
    The Weight Loss King Consulting Services

    Testimonial 1517 out of 1983

    I'm an attorney and I help people get out of debt, primarily with bankruptcies or other services and we're expanding into a new spanish speaking market. You helped me get the 800-FILE-AWAY phone number which matches our domain name. It's going to make some great advertising. Also recently I hired a couple of Spanish speaking assistants and you were able to get me 877 4 DEUDAS and 877 9 DEUDAS, which means Debts in Spanish. My assistants were very excited.

    When I checked your website I found that there were only two permutations of DEUDAS left. You got them both for me instantly. My printer had the cards ready in two days and the advertising will go out in less than a week. I cannot tell you what a boon your service was for my me and my family. File away your debt with 800 File away and David Nelson What a blessing to the folks whom I will be able to help now in either language. Llama me, puedo ayudarte, mis numeros son, marque al 877 4 DEUDAS.

    David L Nelson
    Attorney at Law

    Testimonial 624 out of 1983

    I really did get my first choice! Your site and service are second to none!

    Thomas Sheaffer
    Orange Park, FL

    Testimonial 1908 out of 1983

    TollFreeNumbers.com is the best source to find and pick an 800 number. You can search for any number you want and get it right away without any hassle and their customer service is great. Thank you for all your help.saunas, hot tubs, showers, bathroom accessories

    Firas Kittaneh

    Testimonial 1381 out of 1983

    I hardly every leave feedback but I was thinking about doing so because your service made it so easy to get the number we wanted. I found your site and did a number search. I saw that the number was available so I went to your order form and made the purchase. Within an hour my new Toll Free number was working!
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    Testimonial 1078 out of 1983

    I really think you guys are the best...your interface is quick and easy to use and has allowed me to nail 4 fantastic vanity numbers...

    Thanks so much,
    Brian Lapointe
    Great Original Designs

    Testimonial 1086 out of 1983

    I just wanted to write and thank you for your help in getting just the right number for our business, The Medicine Bag. It can't get much better than 888-8-MEDBAG. My husband thinks it's funny that I'm so happy about a toll-free number, but it's those little things in life that make it fun!

    I was referred to you by a representative at Cox Cable and she was right about your great service. Your kind attention over the phone was much appreciated. It was great to speak so quickly to a human being instead of a machine or an email form, and you have a wonderful way about you. You not only personally helped me find the perfect number, but you did so with kindness and without a finder's fee.

    As for your service, paying one fair price for this number was like a breath of fresh air. I had been floating around on those websites that want you to pay a monthly fee for their numbers, and it felt galling to consider having to pay both a hefty monthly rental fee and their steep per-minute price. And that would have been for a number that was related to our business only by a stretch of the imagination, because that was the best I thought I could do at the time (888-8-MEDBAG - very cool!). It was abundantly clear that you are in a different league, since your one-time price was almost half their monthly price.

    Overall, I am more than happy to recommend you to anyone who might be in the market for a toll-free number. You're a class act!

    Take care,
    Molly Roberts, MD, MS