I didn’t see anything that really grabbed me. Something like 1-800-justice would be perfect.

Thanks, Steve

Hi Steve,
The question isn’t whether or not 1-800 JUSTICE would be perfect or not, any more than you need to decide whether or not you would want to marry a sports illustrated super model. You just have to decide whether you think any of the people you can actually meet have any potential.

We’re like Match.com and we can show you all of the people that are available that match some of the criteria you put in. But we can’t get you Miss America. Our job is to help you find the best available numbers, not the PERFECT number.

Bill Quimby

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    I stumbled onto your site during an internet search and boy I'm glad I did. You had the best site that gave multiple suggestions as to numbers that was looking for at a resonable price. When ever I telephoned or emialed you with questions you responded very promptly. From my experience you offer the most complete, prompt, and professional service.

    Dr. Shandon Thompson
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    My passions are video and marketing and I've put together a number of powerful films and marketing programs. It took a while but the toll free number you got us was critical for marketing and has been great for our business!

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    Thank you and your fantastic staff for providing our company with a toll free number to suit our company's needs. The sequenced number variations offered made everything quite simple, and your transfer occurred as you stated..... within less than a twenty-four hour period.

    The pricing was very reasonable for what we secured, and follow-up with your staff was most pleasant and professional. Thanks again for your assistance, as we are currently in the midst of transferring an acquired business to our company name, where issues such as communication coordination could easily delay plans for open day.

    With plans for expansion in the future, we'll be calling you again for further assistance. Thanks.

    Pat McHugh
    Principal Medical Services, Inc.

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    I would like to compliment you and your company on the "spectacular" service our office received from you concerning our "NEW" toll-free business telephone number.

    The transfer to our phone provider went very smooth and we are very happy with the peronalized service we received from you.

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    Thanks for a great service. If it wasn't for your systems and service I would never be able to find great numbers like (888) 44 EMAIL for our email marketing solutions at www.edigitalmail.com I will continue to recommend your service to others as there is no other value out there.

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    keller williams parish wide partners, Monroe, La Thank you so much. You were great! I will definitely recommed you to anyone needing a #. Have a great weekend!


    Monroe, La 71201

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    Another company wanted to charge $748 a month to "lease" a phone number I bought for $49.95 on your site! The search function was great, too. We are launching a radio infomercial about a nanotechnology energy patch and wanted something easy to remember and that tied into our message. We got 1-800-95-REVIVE. Thanks for a great service! I am SO glad I found your site!

    Rob Styler

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    Your service helped me get the 888 # that spells my name. I have done a lot of research and have seen that no other site does what you do (& person for that matter)!!

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    Your 800 number service is easily the best on the internet. You answered my email questions very quickly. My 800 number was up and running in very little time. I especially like the information you sent me to complete the transfer of my new number to my local phone carrier. Thanks again and I would recommend your site to anyone who wants professional and timely service.

    Kendall Green
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    Thanks. You have a great site. Emailed a bunch of friends who own businesses about it.

    Adam Sandow