I didn’t see anything that really grabbed me. Something like 1-800-justice would be perfect.

Thanks, Steve

Hi Steve,
The question isn’t whether or not 1-800 JUSTICE would be perfect or not, any more than you need to decide whether or not you would want to marry a sports illustrated super model. You just have to decide whether you think any of the people you can actually meet have any potential.

We’re like Match.com and we can show you all of the people that are available that match some of the criteria you put in. But we can’t get you Miss America. Our job is to help you find the best available numbers, not the PERFECT number.

Bill Quimby

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     G. Mark Hardy, enterprise security"Congratulations on what I think is a brilliant business model (both in concept and execution.)"

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    I have bought 2 toll free numbers in the past 30 days and my experience was great. I can only wish other companies operate as you well as yours. Any prospective customers reading this testimonial should not be concerned about getting and transferring a toll-free number from you. I bought my first number on Monday and by Thursday, I had it transferred to the telco of my choice. I couldn't be happier. Your documentation is first-class. Thanks for walking me through what I thought was a difficult process.

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    TollFreeNumbers.com is great. I wouldn't get a toll free number anywhere else! The search is great and the service is awesome. We have used Bill Quimby to get numbers for our business and we thought we'd get one for our volunteer activities as well. :) practical wisdom for getting the most out of life

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    A vanity number is an absolute must for any serious organization in the Loan Modification business. It was a pleasure to work with you Bill. You actually answer your own phone and its obvious you love what you do. I give you two thumbs up. Thank you!LIG Loan Modification Services, Las Vegas, NV

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    I had virtually given up on finding a memorable vanity number until I found your site. Within a few minutes, using your search engine and the handy recommendations you provide I found the perfect number. I am thrilled about your service and wish I could recommend it to everyone looking for a meaningful vanity number. Thanks Bill!

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    Just purchased 888-my-fat-burner from you - thank you.
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    1-800 REALTY Group numbersYour Keyword Lookup tool was very helpful in finding the perfect number for our upcoming advertising campaign. We were impressed with your availability and consulting tools.

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