I didn’t see anything that really grabbed me. Something like 1-800-justice would be perfect.

Thanks, Steve

Hi Steve,
The question isn’t whether or not 1-800 JUSTICE would be perfect or not, any more than you need to decide whether or not you would want to marry a sports illustrated super model. You just have to decide whether you think any of the people you can actually meet have any potential.

We’re like Match.com and we can show you all of the people that are available that match some of the criteria you put in. But we can’t get you Miss America. Our job is to help you find the best available numbers, not the PERFECT number.

Bill Quimby

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    Thanks for the new toll free number. I can't believe we purchased the exact number our company needed -- 888-HYDRORAIN -- for just $49. The cost of a name that wasn't as good was going to run us $1,000's from a competing "800 vanity" service. And you were able to transfer service to our local number within just one day of our activating the number. I'm amazed!

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    What a refreshment to find someone who clearly explained the process for obtaining a toll-free number, provided a way to get it done quickly, affordably and hassle-free!

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    We LOVE your service. You got us 888-VERIPIC with no trouble. We have since returned to get an additional toll free number. As a larger privately held company we have a need for toll free numbers for test marketing new products and since your service is so efficient at getting toll free numbers on short notice I see our company being a return customer many times over in the future.

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    Wow!!! I've been all over your site for a while to be sure I had enough information to make an informed decision. I read countless testimony's and never imagined they could be so accurate. When I called and Bill picked up and showered me in information and help. I knew I was making the right choice. Getting 877-MY-OMNI1 was better than I was expecting.


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    I had my reservations about picking a phone number on the internet, but I was wrong.

    The company and bill said what they did, and the best part, they did what they said! I found a great number right away with your keyword help.


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    Bill always gives me prompt and helpful service. I've purchased three numbers from him and have had a positive experience every time. Thanks Bill!

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    I tried it and IT WORKS! Thanks it is really a great number for my new practice.

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