I didn’t see anything that really grabbed me. Something like 1-800-justice would be perfect.

Thanks, Steve

Hi Steve,
The question isn’t whether or not 1-800 JUSTICE would be perfect or not, any more than you need to decide whether or not you would want to marry a sports illustrated super model. You just have to decide whether you think any of the people you can actually meet have any potential.

We’re like Match.com and we can show you all of the people that are available that match some of the criteria you put in. But we can’t get you Miss America. Our job is to help you find the best available numbers, not the PERFECT number.

Bill Quimby

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    Testimonial 80 out of 1983

    I am very satisfied with your Toll Free Registration Service. Your website is very nice, user friendly as well as your assitant is excellent. I am not only registered the toll free number that I have been looking for, but I also gain knowledge from you and your website. I definitely recomend everyone who needs toll free services visit your website or call 1-800-MARKETER to receive your great services.

    Hien Nguyen

    Testimonial 305 out of 1983

    Another company wanted to charge $748 a month to "lease" a phone number I bought for $49.95 on your site! The search function was great, too. We are launching a radio infomercial about a nanotechnology energy patch and wanted something easy to remember and that tied into our message. We got 1-800-95-REVIVE. Thanks for a great service! I am SO glad I found your site!

    Rob Styler

    Testimonial 1109 out of 1983

    Great site, great service. I found a great number, placed the order, and it was up and running within an hour for less than $50. All of this took place over the weekend. Thanks Bill.

    Bill Reese
    Nationwide Loan Officer
    Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

    Testimonial 1392 out of 1983

    I really just love your service, I can't tell you how much the vanity number of 1-877 WE12ATV has done for our ATV club. We tripled our membership last year which enabled us to purchase the land we previously leased. Not that the sole reason was the vanity number but it played a major part in making us visible and accessible to everyone.

    Thanks for you help!

    Ann Hertzog Repine

    Testimonial 259 out of 1983

    It's obvious you "think like a customer"
    because your site shows you both a) know what you're talking about and b) know what potential customers are looking for. Beyond that, it's clear you want to help people as much or more than just building your own business. I've found as you communicate openly and honestly with people, and they get a sense that you are truly there to help them, they will resonate with that and want to work with you too. Thanks for the help!

    Tim DeMoss, Owner
    Timmy D Productions

    Testimonial 597 out of 1983

    I was very impressed with the in-depth knowledge you possess regarding your business along with your efficiency in the entire process. Your website was very helpful and easy to navigate. I was connected almost instantly. You're a fair business man not looking to make a killing on a single transaction and obviously in it for the long term.

    Yours truly,
    Dan Figueiredo
    (888) DAN-FIG1

    Testimonial 402 out of 1983

    I actually called my telephone company and asked them to get 8**-KITTIFF for me 4 days later they sent me an email and said that it was not available this seemed odd to me so I went online to find out for myself. I found your site within 2 minutes. Then called you and had my number turned on within 10 minutes. VERY IMPRESSIVE!
    Thanks so much!
    Andrew Howard, CEO
    Kittiff, LLC

    Testimonial 1088 out of 1983

    I wanted to thank you for the speedy service in obtaining a toll free number. I had no idea it could be so easy! I needed a number quick and you and your constituents were right there helping me get the job done. When you're busy running a business, you don't have a lot of time to mess around.
    Thanks for making this process quick and painless.

    Susie Carlson

    Testimonial 369 out of 1983

    In addition to a franchise I own, I have started two new companies. Thanks to this site, they both have ideal toll-free numbers that match the domain names we secured. As a result, these new companies are starting off with an established feel and look. I gave my GrandDeck Builders card to a new supplier and he asked is the company was part of a national franchise. He said it just had that large company look to him.

    Joe Casteel
    GrandDeck Builders

    Testimonial 995 out of 1983

    I know a bit about getting toll free numbers. It often requires a highly frustration time on the phone with carriers like ATT and MCI, who perform only a limited search. Today toll free numbers are harder to get than ever. I was fortunate to Google (your company name) who enabled to get a vanity phone number with minimal hassle..

    Joe Nuzzolo
    Redondo Beach, CA

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