Who we are and what we do

We’re not replacing your phone company or providing the ongoing service. We just have better resources for helping customers find good numbers than any other phone company, but we don’t use this to lock you into our service like regular phone companies. We simply help you find and get the best possible toll free number and then we allow you to transfer it to whatever phone company you want. We activate numbers faster than regular phone companies and give you better proof of ownership than regular phone companies. We can’t provide the free temporary service to make it work right away but we help you transfer it to whatever company you want. (See About Us for more about our organization and services)

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    Search for a good toll free number

    Whether you’re in the US or Canada, the first thing you need to do is find a good number, which can be a little bit of a chore, even using our unique tools. We have a lot of information about this process including a whole Search Section of our website, and two different look up tools. The Instant 800 Lookup lets you check specific numbers and the Keyword Search is kind of like a search engine that can find all of the possible numbers related to the words and phrases related to your business or project (keywords).

    Most visitors start with the Instant 800 Lookup because they come with particular numbers in mind. Unfortunately those are often the most obvious and generic numbers and the least likely to be available though. After you’ve tried a few queries in the Instant 800 Lookup, make sure you use the Keyword Search that does all of the research and sends you an email with the lists of disconnected and available numbers too. That’s an amazing tool and can make it much easier to find better numbers.

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      Activate your 1-800 number through the website

      When you find a number that says “Currently Available” we can activate it for you for only a one time “search” fee of $49. You can do the activation like the searching right online. If you were referred to us by anyone and they gave you a discount or referral code, enter that before filling out the order form. We will activate the number and send you our toll free manual, which includes your Toll Free Birth Certificate™ (your proof of ownership) along with an explanation of the transfer process.

      We can also help you find and get Premium 800 numbers as well as Disconnected Numbers that you can backorder to get as soon as they become available. These take more time and effort so they have a higher search fee, but they are usually better numbers and can be transferred to whatever company you want for the ongoing service.

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        Transfer your 800 number to a Canadian phone company

        It’s pretty simple to transfer your toll free number to whatever phone company you want whether they’re in the US or Canada. Ask them for an 800 transfer form, the technical name is a Responsible Organization Change Form (you’re ultimately just changing the organization responsible for the toll free number, right?). It may be abbreviated as Resporg Form or Resporg Change Form, or some places may call it an LOA (short for Letter of Authorization, or agency).

        All you need to do is fill their form out and fax it back to them with your Toll Free Birth Certificate™ (from page 2 of the toll free manual which we email you after activation). That’ll give them the information so they know where to send the calls and who to bill for it and then they’ll forward the request to us to release it. Most Canadian carriers generally take about a week or two to process them, although it’s not unusual for representatives to tell you it takes quite a bit longer just to give themselves plenty of extra time.

        After it’s entered into their system, they’ll forward the request to us when they’re ready for us to release it to them. You don’t need to fax or send it to us because we can’t release it until the carrier requests it because unless they’re ready and it’s connected to your account, it won’t be set up and could be at risk of being given to someone else. If you have a question as to whether it’s been released the easiest way to check is just to drop us an email. That way we can check it and if necessary forward your request into the carrier if necessary. We make it a priority to release numbers much faster and more efficiently than anyone else.

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          What’s different about Canadian Numbers?

          The only difference is that we can’t provide the free temporary service for customers in Canada. There really isn’t any other major difference. The default coverage area for most toll free numbers in the US is usually the 48 states, so Canadians can’t just dial numbers to see if they’re actively used. On the other hand many Canadian 800 numbers aren’t accessible from the US either. That’s why we label the Canadian Resporgs in the Instant 800 Lookup.

          See also Canadian toll free services

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            Canadian toll free carriers

            We’re going to put together more research and information on the provider options, but I wanted to get a list of Canadian carriers out to start with. This isn’t a comprehensive list but includes the major resporgs, and a couple smaller companies I’ve sent people to. If you have any other suggestions please feel free to post them below. Some of these are new and we haven’t finished our directory which will show additional information about them yet. But we’re working on it

            Bell Canada
            Sprint Canada
            Communication Solutions
            Bell Aliant
            EasyTel Canada

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              Random Testimonials

              Testimonial 767 out of 1983

              They say if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. This isn't
              the case with tollfreenumbers.com! I found and ordered 1-866-GO-MISEL
              in just a few minutes and it was up and running later that day. The folks at tollfreenumbers.com even provided me with all of the paperwork I needed to transfer the number to my carrier. It's only been a few days since my order, and I've already recommended the service to clients in search of the perfect tollfree number.
              Thanks, and keep up the great work... As Arnold says... "I'll be back!"

              Stephen A. Misel-CEO
              Misel Consulting LLC

              Testimonial 1434 out of 1983

              I must say, the website is very user friendly and while it took about a day to find a number, that was because so many numbers were already taken, but without your service it would have been impossible to do so. In fact, we tried several numbers with our local telephone representative and after about 10 “not available? he just told us to go to your site and find one.

              I believe this was against company policy, since another rep told us he was not suppose to do this, but I think it is a testimony to how effective your site really is. I think Qwest is probably using your site to find their customer’s toll free phone number!

              Great site, good customer service and I would recommend your site.

              Jeremy SasserCollins
              Foster Family Coordinator
              Magic Valley Youth and Adult Services

              Testimonial 666 out of 1983

              Starting a new business is always a crazy time. Thank you for making getting a new toll-free number easy and quick. Thanks also for all the good communications. I never had to ask a question because I'd already received the answer in your latest email.

              Kelly R. Tausanovitch

              Testimonial 1342 out of 1983

              Your website and your customer service was excellent. You gave me great ideas how to find the best toll free number for my newly formed company. I appreciate all your help.

              Kind regards,
              Gabriella Vidak
              Bang Out USA, Inc.

              Testimonial 1459 out of 1983

              Thanks Bill and Rita,

              I haven't even finished reading the after Activation reply email and the number is already working!1-800 sleep apnea

              Kevin Barrow
              Sleep Apnea Connection

              Testimonial 595 out of 1983

              It's a pleasure working with you and your associates at Tollfreenumbers.com. The service is always outstanding.
              The website design and ease of use are superior to any ecommerce experience that I have had. Keep up the good

              Dan Hinkle
              Director of Marketing

              Testimonial 1657 out of 1983

              I'm very pleased with all the assistance your site provides. Thanks for making it so easy to use and personable.

              Peggy Grangetto

              Testimonial 1123 out of 1983

              This is my third time doing business with Bill Quimby and tollfreenumbers.com It is great to know there are people you can trust delivering quality service. Thanks for making this process so easy!

              Managing Director

              Testimonial 1338 out of 1983

              Thank you Bill and Rita for helping wade through the maze of obtaining an 800#. I first called my local carrier and found it expensive, plus they couldn't forward to my cell phone. She was so helpful and informative. My new number was up and running within an half hour!Gourmet Baskets and More

              Thank you again,

              Suzanne Lorenz
              "High Quality Gifts that Show you Care"

              Testimonial 506 out of 1983

              We would like to thank you for your help with 877-RUG-MALL.
              This is our 3rd 800 number that we have purchased from your Company and feel very confident in saying you are the BEST At what you do. Thanks for the help.

              Marc Henderson, President and CEO