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1-800 Numbers with Google Voice Google just announced a very exciting new service Google Voice, which is actually a re-launch of the Grand Central service Google acquired in 2007. Like everything new from Google, it’s in ‘beta’ which in this case means it’s only available to existing customers of Grand Central right now.

They took an excellent voicemail service and added Goog411, Gmail, Free Long Distance and more to it and in one announcement made the telecom world nervous. I actually think this is a milestone on the path toward Google becoming the all knowing and powerful Star Trek computer in the sky. This is an important step taking Google out of the computer and into your phones.

Google doesn’t offer 800 numbers yet. But you can point any 800 number you get from us to your Google Voice number and all of the features of Google Voice will work on your 800 number! That’s right you pick the best 800 number here at and then send the calls to your Google Voice number so it tries you at up to 6 numbers simultaneously. Most people describe that as trying you on multiple numbers but if you use a Google Voice number for your sales number you could have up to 6 different people answering your calls from their home phones entering orders into their laptop.

The announce and screen callers feature can allow you to tell when someone is calling your 800 number or Google Voice number instead of your local number. That means you can run your business from your home phone and only accept business calls the kids aren’t screaming and always answer business calls in your business voice.

You can call your 800 number and then make free calls within the US and internationally for 2 cents per minute. You get your voicemail transcribed into email or text messages, or listen to the voicemail on the web too. You can change where your calls are routed or to who, right from the web. You can even change the greeting for different callers or block callers.

There is more information on the Google Voice features but keep in mind that you can make these features of your toll free number by pointing a toll free number to it. You’ll have to use a regular phone company to get the calls to your GV number but since Google’s forwards the calls from there for free, it creates a very feature rich enhanced voicemail service. Also keep in mind that this looks like just the beginning. Google seems very serious about bringing out amazing new features and services that are definitely going to change the face of telecom.

PS. Someone suggested that you could make your GV# one of your ‘Faves’ on your cell phone and you’d be able to make free calls to anyone in the US and cheap calls internationally from your cell phone. This will be Big!

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  1. Hi Bill,
    Is it possible to set up your GV number in a way it displays your 800 number when you make a call?

  2. Greg,

    If you point a toll free number to a local number and then make an outgoing call from that local number, you’re not making the out bound call on your toll free number. Toll Free Numbers are like call forwarding numbers so you can’t make out bound calls on them. If you see a toll free number in someone’s caller ID, it’s probably because they’re a telemarketer, which has a sophisticated predictive dialer or PBX system that allows them to program their caller ID.

    I think the samething is true about Google Voice numbers, in that just because your GV system forwards to a specific number, it wouldn’t change the caller ID of the number it forwards to.



  3. Bill,

    I’ve pointed toll free numbers to google voice and they point just fine. I set up a custom greeting too. However when calling the toll frees the google voice message is defaulting to google standard message. But when I call the GV number directly the recording is fine. Any ideas?


  4. Robert,

    It sounds like the caller ID isn’t passing with the toll free number or it’s passing differently than when you dial directly. You could use an enhanced voicemail service that allows you to put the toll free number in for the caller ID so you can play a business message to the callers using your business line. That would be a cool way to use the two separate features of Kall8 or Virtual PBX that allow you to change the caller ID and Google Voice which allows you to play different messages.


  5. Thanks. Its weird, sometimes when I test it the recording plays, others times it doesn’t. Forwarding lines to GV is not ready for prime time.


  6. If I want to use an available 800 number and forward it to a GV#, do I need to maintain a service, or can I just purchase the number from you for $49 and retain that number, even though I don’t have service with anybody?

  7. Nick,

    You can point any number you find available to your GV# or whatever number you have now. You have to have someone to forward the calls to your local number though. You have to keep the toll free number active somewhere.


  8. Question on 800-numbers and Google Voice. Here’s the scenario: we purchased an 800-number from you, and set it up to ring on a local number, which is already pointed to Google Voice. Works just fine. Now – here’s the catch. We received an e-mail from you saying we have to transfer the 800-number to a different carrier or risk losing use of the number. However, the carrier we use for our local number IS Google Voice – so how do we handle that?

  9. google offer porting of numbers now. are we able to transfer 800 #’s too? thanks and great website and info.

  10. If I acquire an 800# or toll free number and point it to my GV# which service charges me per minute for incoming calls.

  11. Help please I have been trying for 3 days to s “sign in” on my Google /YouTube account the sign in process keeps asking me if I entered my name correctly it’s been my name for forty years do you know anyway I can talk to an actual human being?? Many thanks Jon

  12. Bill,

    I’ve bought dozens of numbers from you and, per your recommendation, transferred them to Unitel. It seems, everytime I try to log into my unitel account, it’s “down for maintenance”; been like this for two years(?). I’ve pointed all of my toll free numbers from you to my google voice number and none appear to resolve. Of course, it’s friday night and nobody at unitel to help thill monday. Thought you’ld like to know.

  13. Hi,
    I just got an 844 number from you. It’s tied to a land line and I want to port it as a new number into Google voice. But Google voice says it can’t accept it….What can I do?

    1. Just use another service to forward the calls to the Google Voice number. Just because they don’t doesn’t mean nobody else can. We did on the free temporary service. We didn’t ask what phone company it was with we just did it. Just like I can forward my office calls to your local number no matter what phone company you’re using, any company can forward the toll free calls there.

    2. Google is actually saying that they won’t provide the toll free service, not that it can’t be done. You need someone that does toll free only, like Telcan which can forward to any local number, even a Google Voice number. I think Google might be getting ready to do something related to toll free numbers too by the way. So that might change in the future, but in the mean time you can still forward your toll free number to your GV number. You just can’t use Google to do it.

    3. It’s not that they can’t but they may not want to do that. You can try again, sometimes you just reach someone that doesn’t know how so they tell you it can’t be done. Or you can just use a different service to get the calls to your google voice number if you want.

  14. I want to purchase an 800 number and somehow use it in Google Voice. I will then have Google Voice forward to my USA-number cellphone, which I will use mostly in Europe on the T-Mobile Simple Choice plan.

    Should I, then, just go ahead and purchase an 800 number from you and forward it to my GV number? Or must I necessarily first go through an intermediate service, like PNG that you recommend?

    If the latter, if I must first go through PNG or another provider, do you know the answer to this question?—

    1. If a caller in the USA calls my 800 number linked to PNG — and PNG forwards to my local-USA Google number, which forwards to my USA cellphone number while my cellphone is in Europe — do I pay per-minute international charges to PNG and/or to Google?

    I just thought that you would know the way to simplify all this, so I asked this lengthy, and possibly inappropriate, question. Thanks for your help. And also thanks for the up-front, straightforward website with the well-presented information.


    1. You can go ahead and activate the number and we’ll give you free temporary service forwarding the number to your Google Voice number for the first 30 days or 100 minutes. You’d then have to pick a company for the forwarding. We don’t recommend PNG any more because of issues weve seen from them along the way but we include a form for Telcan in the documentation which is good for going to a cell phone or a voip service like Google Voice. So try that or use whatever other company you want.

      You will pay for the forwarding, that’s the definition of a toll free number, that the receiving party pays for the cost of the call rather than the caller. You won’t find any services that are free for both the caller and the receiving party. But just because you’re paying for the cost of the call doesn’t mean it’s expensive! It doesn’t cost much to make calls and it costs just as little receiving toll free calls too. It’s one of the cheapest and easiest things you’ll do in starting a business.

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