Our website was held hostage but we’re back

I’m sorry for the issues with our website for the past week. Our hosting company of six years, GuardianDigital.com restricted access to our entire website and has been holding us hostage and shut our entire website off completely. We went to court on Friday and they were ordered to restore full access for the time being. We are working to resolve things and don’t expect any more interruptions.

Thank you for your patience and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience it caused. We’ll write more about the situation as we’re able to. But most of all, we’re very grateful for all the support of our customers and friends and look forward to helping you with new features and capabilities very soon.

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    Posting fewer new pages in October at TollFreeNumbers.com says:
    October 19, 2009 at 8:12 am

    [...] our website hostage. They shut us down for a week and we went to court to get it turned back on. So we are back but we are still trying to resolve things and don’t have full access yet. We are posting to the [...]

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      Random Testimonials

      Testimonial 1585 out of 1983

      This is only my second week on the job and I have never ordered toll free numbers before. I was a little nervous at first, but as soon as I went to your site, I was amazed at how easy I was able to navigate through it. I was able to find the numbers I needed and they were ordered that day. My boss was very pleased. Sprint Master Agent wireless distributor

      Thank you for making my job a breeze. I will definitely be ordering from your site in the future.

      Melissa Huggins, Receptionist

      Testimonial 125 out of 1983

      Bill was very helpful and patient as I sorted out my needs and questions. Temporary activation was a breeze, and my violence prevention hotline is up and running.

      Mark Throckmorton

      Testimonial 1406 out of 1983

      We sincerely appreciate the great service you has previously provided for my company. We have been able to develop and promote a successful marketing plan based on the numbers Bill has been able to get for us. The unique in-depth research generously available on your site enabled us to identify and quickly obtain numbers that were currently available., Your company and its attentive efforts to research and ultimately acquire some of the more closely held popular numbers was a reflection to your expertise, diligence and good old fashioned hard work. I look forward to getting more numbers from you in the future and am referring all my business associates to your site. Thanks again.licensed Knox-Keene Dental Health Maintenance Organization

      David Kutner D.M.D, President/CEO

      Testimonial 917 out of 1983

      Wow... Talk about professional! IN a world where things are OVER promised every day, I am STUNNED to discover such an INSTANT service !!!

      Daniel DHondt
      Tropical Frontiers Intl.

      Testimonial 1590 out of 1983

      Your website is absolutely amazing. I spent several weeks searching different vanity numbers and finally found one that suits my company wonderfully.

      Thanks so much
      Luke Draeger

      Testimonial 1142 out of 1983

      When my first national commercial was about to run, our agency said we needed an 800 number. I was so worried we were over our head in a complex issue with a time sensitive deadline. YOU MADE IT SO EASY for us. We were able to search some great 800 ideas, you patiently took every one of my calls and even helped us get the number ported on a Sunday evening no less.

      I have been in business for 25 years and believe that customer service is our most valuable asset. I appreciate someone like your self who feels that this is your mission as it is mine to get every little girl down the aisle in a pretty DRESSY KID flower girl dress. (Get the pun?) Needless to say, we choose 877-dressy-kid and picked up the URL as well, pointing it and our new 800 number to Pegeen.com

      Bill, I appreciate you so much,,,,as I said, when my staff begun to panic, I said , "Hey Bill Quimby at TollFreeNumbers,com is handling it" and I knew you would.
      Witness your reply to me at 12:35 am on a Sunday night.

      Marg Hyland, President
      PEGEEN.COM Formalwear for Children

      Testimonial 1085 out of 1983

      Thank you for following up with me via telephone. I appreciate your kindness. I think this is one of the best companies I have encountered regarding customer service and effectiveness!

      Perry Spann

      Testimonial 1518 out of 1983

      Thanks for your easy to use site! This is my second time using your service.
      In the past, whenever I wanted to find a good vanity number, I had to keep putting combinations I liked into a little box and could work on this for hours. With your service I was able to find a number that worked for me within minutes. My phone was ringing almost instantly! Selecting my carrier was made easy too with your step by step guide. I'm sure your number will help my business GROW! Amazing!

      Jan Byrum

      Testimonial 1681 out of 1983

      Easy Site to use. Called and representitive was very helpful.

      Bruce McKinley

      Testimonial 206 out of 1983

      I had searched for more than a week for a number to use BOTH as an 800 number AND a website name to represent my business. I searched and searched online without any good results and a lot of confusion until I stumbled upon your website. Once we were in touch, you led me through the confusion by giving me the best available choices for names. You then helped me throughout the entire process, even getting the 800 number up and running very quickly!! Without you and your wonderful website, I would not have been so successful.

      Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
      Holly Bayne, Intriguing Investments

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