Our website was held hostage but we’re back

I’m sorry for the issues with our website for the past week. Our hosting company of six years, GuardianDigital.com restricted access to our entire website and has been holding us hostage and shut our entire website off completely. We went to court on Friday and they were ordered to restore full access for the time being. We are working to resolve things and don’t expect any more interruptions.

Thank you for your patience and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience it caused. We’ll write more about the situation as we’re able to. But most of all, we’re very grateful for all the support of our customers and friends and look forward to helping you with new features and capabilities very soon.

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    Posting fewer new pages in October at TollFreeNumbers.com says:
    October 19, 2009 at 8:12 am

    [...] our website hostage. They shut us down for a week and we went to court to get it turned back on. So we are back but we are still trying to resolve things and don’t have full access yet. We are posting to the [...]

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      Random Testimonials

      Testimonial 773 out of 1983

      Fantastic job... Using your system we were able to obtain "1-888-RESBUY4" All of your Real Estate Needs. We're working with different ideas and slogans but overall the process was amazing and the number worked in seconds upon activation.

      Something else others might not know is that if you call 1-800-MARKETER you actually get to talk to Bill.

      Benjamin Ayres

      Testimonial 1401 out of 1983

      Again I can't thank you enough for helping me with this, you have a great company and have the best customer service. I have spoke to Bill and he is always willing to take the time to answer my questions. I'm always trying to refer your company to everyone I can. Thank you again for helping me by adding my 800 numbers, I'm looking forward to Feb 15 to see if I get any of the 800's. May you all have the best new year and thank you again.

      I am sincerely grateful to you and Bill.
      James M. Cordeiro
      Lasaka Painting

      Testimonial 1762 out of 1983

      I think you have a fabulous service! I was trying desperately to obtain an 800 number from Embarq - they were not only inept, but their follow through was questionable. The right hand and the left hand were doing a dance unbeknownst to eachother- well- someone recommended your service and voila- it took a week or two to obtain the form from EMBARQ- and now- I have an 800 number!dog walking service

      You are a wonder- thank you
      one very happy pet sitter

      Nita Bernier-Cirioni, Owner

      Testimonial 1041 out of 1983

      We have purchased many toll-free numbers from Bill over the past several years. There are other search engines out there, but Bill & Rita not only have the best one to find numbers, they also provide the most effective process to transfer ownership and establish the working number. Their friendly and professional assistance is a very valuable asset for us (www.callcap.com).

      Bryan Bender, CFO
      CMB Consulting/CALLCAP

      Testimonial 348 out of 1983

      So far I am very impressed! Your list of
      (800) possibilities was awesome!
      I have a feeling you will do a lot more business just between myself and my business associates that I've told about your service.

      Tom Salviski

      Testimonial 1728 out of 1983

      Dr. Stefanie Christian is the founder of Timeless Laser and Skincare, a physician-run skin care practiceThanks for making this so easy. I had several questions, and your responses were fast and helpful.

      Dr. Stefanie Christian, Founder

      Testimonial 1347 out of 1983

      When I made a mistake and ordered the wrong toll free number, you promptly fixed the problem with no fuss. You didn’t scold me or charge me extra, you just made it right!

      Anyone looking for great service and reasonable prices should use TollFreeNumbers.com.

      Thanks very much,oclux

      Mark Cofano
      Founder, ocLUX.com

      Testimonial 321 out of 1983

      The service that you offer is exceptional and I am very impressed thus far. For a small business owner like myself, you are a true asset.

      Thank you.
      Dale Hamill

      Testimonial 1073 out of 1983

      So far, Bill and his amazing website have helped me purchase two vanity toll free numbers for my various lines of business. Fast activation, positive proof of ownership, and ease of lookup are just a few of the reasons I won't buy a toll free number from anyone else. Bill is even available by phone if you have questions. That's what I call service.

      Thanks, Bill.

      Marc Schwarz

      Testimonial 826 out of 1983

      Thank you so much for being so helpful and honest! Tollfree Numbers.com ROCKS....A satisfied customer

      Leslie Giammanco

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