Our website was held hostage but we’re back

I’m sorry for the issues with our website for the past week. Our hosting company of six years, GuardianDigital.com restricted access to our entire website and has been holding us hostage and shut our entire website off completely. We went to court on Friday and they were ordered to restore full access for the time being. We are working to resolve things and don’t expect any more interruptions.

Thank you for your patience and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience it caused. We’ll write more about the situation as we’re able to. But most of all, we’re very grateful for all the support of our customers and friends and look forward to helping you with new features and capabilities very soon.

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    Posting fewer new pages in October at TollFreeNumbers.com says:
    October 19, 2009 at 8:12 am

    [...] our website hostage. They shut us down for a week and we went to court to get it turned back on. So we are back but we are still trying to resolve things and don’t have full access yet. We are posting to the [...]

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      Testimonial 1601 out of 1983

      Naperville, IL Painting ContractorWhat can I say! Now-a-days everytime you need service over the phone you're put on hold for 2 hours, transfered five times to other departments , it takes thirty tries and one month to accomplish the task. I have to say that working with you was headache free. You are on top of things and the service is very efficient. I would rate your service *****.

      Many Thanks,

      Fabio De Luca
      FDL Painting, Inc.

      Testimonial 801 out of 1983

      I greatly appreciate the personal service from Bill.
      Thanks for reserving this number and processing the transaction ASAP. YouR SERVICE IS GREAT!

      Cara Rose

      Testimonial 1303 out of 1983

      I thought it was too good to be true...but your quick response and set up got my new business up and going. As a "start up operation", getting all of the business elements to mesh at one time can be a real challenge. By reserving and activating my "vanity 877 number", I could get my advertising, packaging, business cards, and promotional graphics ordered and underway. That's critical and a big step forward. I only ran into a slight glitch in transferring the 800 service to my phone company; I don't think they understood your business. But a quick scan of your websites trouble shooting guide answered any questions they had and we're up and running. Thanks again and we'll call on you soon, when we expand!

      877 AT AMPTOPPERS.

      Testimonial 1062 out of 1983

      We would highly recommend your service. You were very helpful, professional and courteous and your website was very easy to use. We especially liked the fact that we could look at all the available numbers. Other websites that we had visited did not give us this option. You helped us obtain a good 1-800 number and also gave us good advice for our long term toll free service.

      Nancy Salley

      Testimonial 702 out of 1983

      Wow ...great site...I wish I knew sooner
      I just secured a great high demand number very fast.

      Kind regards

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      After working in the computer consulting industry for few years, I saw a need for a better way to support my clients. Remote computer support was the answer. I decided to create my own company that will provide technology solutions for businesses and consumers. Being in the computer repair business, you need to have a good phone number so people will remember it and call you when they need computer help. While thinking about the new name for the company I constantly checked for a matching phone number. I had a lot of good names but either the phone number or the domain name were not available. At the end your site helped me find the perfect name for my company that had a matched phone number and a domain name. The company name is Ezlogy; the name stands for easy and technology. Your site is a must for start up companies for getting a toll free number!888 ezlogy easy technology remote support

      Thank you for this great resource.

      Roman Vaisman, President
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      Testimonial 805 out of 1983

      Tollfreenumbers.com had the exact vanity number I requested to coordinate with my company name and website. From the number selection process, to ownership of the number, the entire transaction was incredibly simple, fast, and affordable. If I had a question, Bill was right there to answer my question, without hestitancy. In this fast paced world, it's nice to connect to the person behind the company. The support behind tollfreenumbers.com is just as reliable.

      Cara Rose

      Testimonial 1685 out of 1983

      The ease of use in creating out vanity number was astonishing.

      Robert Rosner
      J & R Associates, LLC

      Testimonial 800 out of 1983

      Your service is so easy and convenient to use. This is the 2nd time I've used you to start my toll free number and today, you had it up and ringing in to my local phone in less than 5 minutes - amazing.

      For the price you charge, $49.95 you've saved me hours and hundreds of dollars in time.

      Thank you,
      Matt Vestrand

      Testimonial 972 out of 1983

      I think that you are one of the most organized Internet marketers I have ever come across.

      Keep up the good work!
      Rick Horan