Our website was held hostage but we’re back

I’m sorry for the issues with our website for the past week. Our hosting company of six years, GuardianDigital.com restricted access to our entire website and has been holding us hostage and shut our entire website off completely. We went to court on Friday and they were ordered to restore full access for the time being. We are working to resolve things and don’t expect any more interruptions.

Thank you for your patience and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience it caused. We’ll write more about the situation as we’re able to. But most of all, we’re very grateful for all the support of our customers and friends and look forward to helping you with new features and capabilities very soon.

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    Posting fewer new pages in October at TollFreeNumbers.com says:
    October 19, 2009 at 8:12 am

    [...] our website hostage. They shut us down for a week and we went to court to get it turned back on. So we are back but we are still trying to resolve things and don’t have full access yet. We are posting to the [...]

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      Testimonial 1260 out of 1983

      You guys have all been great. You always give ideas and are very fast and professional.

      thanks !
      Scott Abbott, President
      Five Star Painting
      Provo, Utah

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      I found your site informative and functional! You instilled confidence in me to secure my number and before I knew it it was ringing my cell phone! Fabulous and fast!!

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      This is my fourth vanity number from you. It was still quick and painless as the first time. All I did was put in a few words and within 5 minutes I was able to find the number I wanted. 800 number for The Law of the Seasons I remember one of them I had a little difficulty with but you responded back quickly to me via email and I almost fell over. You actually responded that quick and helped me to get what I needed.

      Thanks for an easy way to find vanity numbers. There is no other company I need to look for mine.


      Dr Philip C. Agrios

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      The best toll free search engine that I've found! Quick & easy process!

      Mike Mercier
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      I could get publicity in a large daily newspaper, but ONLY if I had an 800 number to which to direct inquiries. Scrambling to make sense of the morass of information out there, I called 1-800 MARKETER and got to speak to Bill Quimby himself. He spent a good deal of time with me explaining how best to find the right number and how to make it work for me. Within 24 hours I'd found a great vanity number, had it reserved, and arranged to have it directly go to my cell phone. If all service business were like Bill's, life would be a lot easier!

      Mahamère Corbie Mitleid, CPTR
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      Improving performance by Transforming organizations, communities and individualsI’m extremely impressed with your service and have been sharing your website with many of my fellow associates.

      Lee Johnson, CEO

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      Thank you for finding (877)ToFixYourPC! We were coming up blank for catchy and available vanity numbers for WeFixYourPC.com, our new home computer repair service in New Jersey. Not only did you come up with the number but the information you provided on your site enabled us to quickly understand our options and so we ended up with our own virtual office in just a few days! As for the personal service, its something you rarely find online these days. Great Job! With all the issues in setting up WeFixYour.com this was one area we didn't have to worry about.

      1-877 ToFixYourPC

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      As I scrolled down the list of available vanity numbers, I couldn't believe my eyes... 888-SCANVAN was available! The phone companies had lied to me.

      I asked Bill if it was a mistake and he told me that if it was on his list of available numbers, the number was available. He assured me that if I paid him $49.95, the number would be mine, and if it was somehow not available, there would be no charge. So, I went back to the site and paid the $49.95 Bill was asking for his service.

      Just a few minutes later, I received another e-mail from Bill, offering me congratulations on being the owner of 888-SCANVAN, and to try the number out, as the forwarding number was already in effect. I dialed the number and my phone began ringing. I couldn't believe my good luck. In just a few minutes, Bill had waved his magic wand, and all my vanity phone number problems had vanished.

      I highly recommend doing business with Bill. He does exactly what he promises.

      Richard Brock, President
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      I really did get my first choice! Your site and service are second to none!

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      Your site is a treasure of honest, detailed, and practical explanations! Given that my timeframe is 1-3 months, your vanity backorder service is much better than the limited results from the available pool and nobody else offers this anywhere else. I am hopeful to secure a great number or two that have come up in my search as good potential.

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