Our website was held hostage but we’re back

I’m sorry for the issues with our website for the past week. Our hosting company of six years, GuardianDigital.com restricted access to our entire website and has been holding us hostage and shut our entire website off completely. We went to court on Friday and they were ordered to restore full access for the time being. We are working to resolve things and don’t expect any more interruptions.

Thank you for your patience and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience it caused. We’ll write more about the situation as we’re able to. But most of all, we’re very grateful for all the support of our customers and friends and look forward to helping you with new features and capabilities very soon.

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    Posting fewer new pages in October at TollFreeNumbers.com says:
    October 19, 2009 at 8:12 am

    [...] our website hostage. They shut us down for a week and we went to court to get it turned back on. So we are back but we are still trying to resolve things and don’t have full access yet. We are posting to the [...]

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      Testimonial 617 out of 1983

      Just wanted to let you know that we are thrilled with the service you provided. We couldn't get the toll-free number we wanted from our local phone company and they were of little help in finding us an alternative. A keyword search on your website provided us with an even better available toll-free number. We liked the number you suggested so much that we purchased the corresponding domain name which gets redirected to our spinatherapeutics.com website. Please call us anytime at 1-888-MY-BAD-BACK or visit us at 888mybadback.com.

      David Akinpelu, MD
      Medical Director

      Testimonial 1542 out of 1983

      Thank you for getting my locksmith company the 1-877 LOCK TECH phone number. Your service was perfect. My number was up and literally running within 3 minutes after I clicked the purchase. Unbelievable! When time came to transfer to the provider, I faxed over the application you provided and within a few days, the transfer was a done deal! Plus, I can see the full activity of my number, 1-877 LOCK TECH, on-line. Your company is the best. I don't think any other company can match your expertise in this field.

      Again, Thanks!

      Ralph C. company

      Testimonial 1905 out of 1983

      Thanks so much for all your help. I was so fortunate when I found this site in my toll free number quest. I was able to obtain the perfect vanity number for my new business in 1 day. I had it transferred to a Canadian provider and working within 1 week.

      With all the obstacles facing new business owners, it was such a pleasure to have Bill and his team respond to my queries promptly and efficiently. sexy brazilan inspired underwareIt was a very easy process for somebody who had never done this before!


      Testimonial 1889 out of 1983

      I want to thank you for all your help with explaining toll free numbers, services and how to obtain the information I need. Your help was invaluable.

      Have a great day!!

      Rosette Marturana
      Mount Prospect, IL

      Testimonial 1195 out of 1983

      Awesome service. The second the credit card was processed, I received an email and before I could finish reading the email it was already ringing to my cellphone. Too fast to even describe.

      Adam Armstrong, IT Director
      Newport General Agency

      Testimonial 1207 out of 1983

      With a desire to provide a more professional persona to the public, we hoped to capture an 800 number that could flow with the attitude of my trade in motorcycle accessories.

      I came close when your system had something like 877 GOT BIKE came up, but I was unable to justify paying the hold fee (at the time)

      No other website for vanity numbers comes close to you. I like the way you manage your site. Because your tools are so complete, there is no reason to look anywhere else! Someday I hope to be lucky enough to find a number I can fly with. It occurred to me to use anything I could get for now, but I procrastinated in hopes of finding just the right one!

      We've stopped internet sales for the time being as we are starting to manufacture for wholesale, but expect to get going again in the near future.

      I'll visit your site periodically and tell others who could use a number to check it out because it really is user friendly.. and I appreciate your great customer service.

      Daniel Gallagher
      eBay ID: Bikertoys

      Testimonial 1667 out of 1983

      North Carolina Real Estate agents RealtorsAwesome site, I actually tried to find several of the numbers you showed as available at other sites, they showed them as being "unavailable" and gave the impression that the numbers I wanted were already taken. Turns out, they weren't taken, those sites just couldn't find them!

      Geoffrey Lamb
      The LAMB Group

      Testimonial 1312 out of 1983

      I needed a great vanity number for my business and your search tool found the perfect one! The process couldn't have been easier!! Thanks so much for your service and your customer support is AWESOME!!

      Thanks again!
      Paul Jaggers

      Testimonial 1368 out of 1983

      Yours was one of the easier and clearer sites out there to get straightforward what I wanted- a vanity number to forward to our business.

      Thank you and keep up the good work.

      Bruce Lans

      Testimonial 1406 out of 1983

      We sincerely appreciate the great service you has previously provided for my company. We have been able to develop and promote a successful marketing plan based on the numbers Bill has been able to get for us. The unique in-depth research generously available on your site enabled us to identify and quickly obtain numbers that were currently available., Your company and its attentive efforts to research and ultimately acquire some of the more closely held popular numbers was a reflection to your expertise, diligence and good old fashioned hard work. I look forward to getting more numbers from you in the future and am referring all my business associates to your site. Thanks again.licensed Knox-Keene Dental Health Maintenance Organization

      David Kutner D.M.D, President/CEO