How to Dial Toll-Free Numbers from Abroad

accessing toll free numbers abroadToll free numbers as we use them in the US are accessible from anywhere that you don’t have to dial a country code to reach the US, specifically from the US and Canada and a few territories (the North American Numbering Plan Administration (NANPA). But how do you reach our toll free numbers from the rest of the world?

A recent article by Krista Giannak on Suite 101 outlined several ways to access North American toll free numbers. You can use voip services such as, or or use a Calling Card to reach them.

1. Dial the closest PSTN number. This will either be a local or a long distance call, but there is no additional charge.

2. If calling a toll-free number in the United States, dial the number after the prompt, including the 1.

3. When calling toll-free or freephone numbers in other countries, dial either 011 or *013, then the country code (i.e. 44 for the United Kingdom or 61 for Australia), and then the number. There will often be a 0 or a 1 in front of these toll-free numbers, which usually must be omitted.

4. After a pause, the system will connect the call. If you made an error, or if the network is busy, you will hear a busy signal and have to redial.


1. Dial the access number closest to your location. This will be either a local or a long distance call, but there is no additional charge for dialing the access number.

2. Dial 00, then the country code, and then the number, followed by the pound key (also called the number sign or the hash button). If calling a destination marked as “free”, your call will connect.

skype 800 service

1. Install the Skype software and create an account.

2. To dial a toll-free number, type it in international format, i.e. +44 800 100 100 or +1 800 555 8355 with the country code as the first part of the phone number after the plus sign.

Calling Cards

1. Dial the closest toll-free access number.

2. Dial your pin number, or register your phone number with the Web site to provide pin-free access.

3. If calling the United States, dial 1, plus the ten-digit telephone number, followed by the pound or number sign.

4. If calling another country, dial 011, plus the country code, plus the telephone number, followed by the pound or number sign.

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    Joseph Horton (3 comments.) says:
    November 10, 2009 at 5:47 pm

    international callback works to reach US toll free numbers. This was a selling point back in the 90s when callback was our lead international service.

      GABY says:
      January 4, 2012 at 1:43 pm

      Thank you sooo much!!!

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