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800 numbers on Sale at TollFreeNumbers.comAll Regular and Premium Activations are 25% off until Tuesday night! Regular activations* which are always $49.95 are only $37.45, Random 800 numbers* which are usually $79.95 are only $59.95. 1 star numbers are $74 instead of $99, 2 star numbers are only $224 instead of $299 and 3 star numbers are $449 instead of $599 and our best 4 star numbers are $749 instead of $999. But this is only until Tuesday night at 11pm (est). If you’ve been thinking about getting a great toll free number, now’s the time! You own them with no strings.

We’re doing this to give something special for the 800WATCH subscribers and frequent visitors and a couple people that just happen to be here at the right time. There’s no codes or coupons required, just place the order. But it has to be placed before Tuesday night. We can’t extend the time so don’t be late!

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    Eva says:
    January 21, 2009 at 11:24 am

    Hi Bill,

    I started this process yesterday with the hope of purchasing a toll free number however a family matter took me away from completing the purchase. Is it possible to honor the $37.45 rate if I move ahead today on an available vanity number?


      Bill Quimby (666 comments.) says:
      January 21, 2009 at 1:17 pm

      This often comes up on sales, so I try to make the sale totally clear. I even put the time zone on the time since people sometimes forget that we’re on the east coast.

      I can’t change the price back or base the price on when anyone “started” the search process. The shopping cart is pretty straight forward and it’s not ordered until you submit it in the shopping cart. It’s either ordered or it’s not.

      If you placed the order but it failed (which we can see) and came back to us within 24 hours I would say that is reasonable. But the search process can go on forever and we have no way to track that. And we can’t charge people more just because they started the process before the sale started. That wouldn’t be fair either.

      The only way to do this fairly is to be up front about the deadline and follow it. And the purpose of a sale is to get the people on the edge to go ahead and commit.


        Rod says:
        September 27, 2013 at 2:28 pm

        I want to sell 2 very good toll free numbers….rperpetua@aol.com


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          Testimonial 1806 out of 1983

          Dear Bill,
          You have proven to be most unusual when I got your emails with the personal touch. You cared and provided follow up - to be sure I my needs were met. A very big step made so easy with your system and assistance can make the difference between a business making it over the top in revenues or not. Having a Bill Quimby and his service at your
          fingertips is worth more than money can buy.

          B Kaufmann, President
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          After trying for 4 months on our OWN to acquire 888-CONSIGN for our Consignment Pal company, we failed. Then we learned about your 800 WATCH service. You quickly provided us with 13 pages of numbers based on our specific parameters!!!!! Today when you found 888-88RESELL for us, I was so excited I was ready to hug you!! I'll tell other "Pals" and eBayers about your personalized service and results.

          Linda Miller, Founder
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          SWEET! You came through for us again with 866-HUNTFISH.
          Hunting and Fishing gear
          We love you guys!

          Mickie Repecka

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          Coldmaster is the Delmarva Peninsula’s HVAC specialist Thanks for your help. You helped us find a good number very quickly. You have great service.

          Joe Schoonover
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          Thank you for the follow up - this kind of service is rare.
          I will certianly keep you in mind and recommend your service to anyone in need.

          J. Thomas Zech
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          Go Mini's of Central Pa.

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          The right number can really make a business and the number you got us speaks for itself. You're definitely the toll free king! Thanks for all your help in getting 1-800 TRANSLATE.

          Ken Clark

          Testimonial 1642 out of 1983

          This is the third toll free number you have secured for my law firm. I am sure to be back for more. You really are the Go Daddy of tollfree numbers. Thank you again for helping me pursue my dreams.


          George P.Conway

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          This is about the fifth time I've used TollFreeNumbers.com after experiencing years of frustration with my local carrier attempting to secure vanity numbers for my businesses. I want everyone to know that I have no relationship to the owners and/or operators of this Company when I say this, "This is the single greatest marketing tool I've come across in recent years for my businesses." And yes, you can quote me on that. I refer TollFreeNumbers.com to all of my associates.

          Michael Anthony
          Century Capital Partners, LLC

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          Ordering from your site was so easy. Even when I had to make changes to the number twice, it was done quickly and without issue. The folks in customer service were very helpful and knowledgeable, and I received responses to my emails very promptly.national real estate services to investors and partners, homebuyers and commercial customers

          Thanks again!

          Karin Gilbert, Development Associate
          Watt Companies

          Testimonial 75 out of 1983

          Bill at TOLLFREENUMBERS.COM was extremely helpful in getting us set up initially with a numerical toll free number, but also in explaining who a specific descriptive toll free number could be so much more beneficial for our marketing drives. He really knows this business and made acquiring our toll free numbers very painless!

          Paul Burkey
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