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800 numbers on Sale at TollFreeNumbers.comAll Regular and Premium Activations are 25% off until Tuesday night! Regular activations* which are always $49.95 are only $37.45, Random 800 numbers* which are usually $79.95 are only $59.95. 1 star numbers are $74 instead of $99, 2 star numbers are only $224 instead of $299 and 3 star numbers are $449 instead of $599 and our best 4 star numbers are $749 instead of $999. But this is only until Tuesday night at 11pm (est). If you’ve been thinking about getting a great toll free number, now’s the time! You own them with no strings.

We’re doing this to give something special for the 800WATCH subscribers and frequent visitors and a couple people that just happen to be here at the right time. There’s no codes or coupons required, just place the order. But it has to be placed before Tuesday night. We can’t extend the time so don’t be late!

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    Eva says:
    January 21, 2009 at 11:24 am

    Hi Bill,

    I started this process yesterday with the hope of purchasing a toll free number however a family matter took me away from completing the purchase. Is it possible to honor the $37.45 rate if I move ahead today on an available vanity number?


      Bill Quimby (666 comments.) says:
      January 21, 2009 at 1:17 pm

      This often comes up on sales, so I try to make the sale totally clear. I even put the time zone on the time since people sometimes forget that we’re on the east coast.

      I can’t change the price back or base the price on when anyone “started” the search process. The shopping cart is pretty straight forward and it’s not ordered until you submit it in the shopping cart. It’s either ordered or it’s not.

      If you placed the order but it failed (which we can see) and came back to us within 24 hours I would say that is reasonable. But the search process can go on forever and we have no way to track that. And we can’t charge people more just because they started the process before the sale started. That wouldn’t be fair either.

      The only way to do this fairly is to be up front about the deadline and follow it. And the purpose of a sale is to get the people on the edge to go ahead and commit.


        Rod says:
        September 27, 2013 at 2:28 pm

        I want to sell 2 very good toll free numbers….rperpetua@aol.com


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          Testimonial 64 out of 1983

          The site was easy to use and the phone service friendly.

          Davis Morse
          Atlantis Place Bed & Breakfast

          Testimonial 1188 out of 1983

          Your service was great. We needed an 800 number for a new business and we went to your website got the number we wanted and as soon as we paid the number was instantly on! Thanks and we will use you again and refer you to others.


          Testimonial 1113 out of 1983

          I'd just like to thank you for the speedy and easy to use process you have in place. Finding and purchasing the right toll free number at your site will undoubtely give our customers an easy to remember point of contact that I'm sure will translate into more sales. Thank you again, and best wishes for your continued success.

          Best regards,

          Don Campbell, Internet Sales Manager
          Sudbay Motors

          Testimonial 848 out of 1983

          I first looked at Mr. Quimby's website several weeks ago and learned all I could about toll free numbers. I was frustrated to learn that the speculation on toll free vanity numbers was similar to the speculation on domain names. I did plenty of other research, but the information I found here was not only accurate, but it was the most accurate and objective information I was able to find anywhere. The look-up service was invaluable in guaging my options, and when the time came to purchase a number, the service was activated in seconds. The most trouble I have encountered in setting up my business has been dealing with the telephone company. If only they could be as informative, prompt, and simple to use as Mr. Quimby's service.

          Sincerest thanks
          Andrew Cocke

          Testimonial 416 out of 1983

          We are very pleased with the toll free number we received through your service and with how we have been treated throughout the process. When we started looking for a toll free number, we were completely ignorant regarding the whole process, and your website educated us and was a big help every step of the way.Thank you for your excellent care!

          Connie Downing

          Testimonial 673 out of 1983

          I just wanted to say that this service is awesome! I'm currently developing a business and I really didn't believe I would ever get a Toll Free Vanity Number for my business that would really fit. Man oh man was I wrong! I kept looking at the emails that you were sending me and finally I saw it and it was available! And could this process be any faster? I was so blown away at how fast it was. It took me about 3 minutes to fill out the shopping cart form with my info and in a matter of seconds, a window came up saying "CONGRATULATIONS, YOUR TOLL FREE NUMBER IS SET UP AND WORKING!" I couldn't believe it happened that quick so I called the number from my cell phone and my business phone started ringing! Incredible! Thanks Bill. For a small business like mine, this is a priceless service!

          D. Kyser

          Testimonial 728 out of 1983

          I am currently using an 888 number that I purchased from Bill Quimby. The whole transaction was simple and smooth. Bill provided me a huge pdf document with everything I needed to set up, and transfer my 888 number. It was my first time going through this whole process and it took me a while to figure out everything - but Bill provided everything I needed and there was not one glitch along the way.


          Testimonial 1837 out of 1983

          I called multiple phone companies and they all said the number I wanted wasn't available. Kyle T. Garrett, real estate investor in Raleigh, North CarolinaLuckily, one of them referred me to tollfreenumbers.com where I purchased 1-888-99 READY. This is now my "Call To Action" number for my direct sales business. You definitely came through.

          Thanks again Bill!

          Kyle T. Garrett

          Testimonial 519 out of 1983

          I will be looking for another toll-free number soon. I also saw one that a friend of mine might be interested in so I'm going to let her know about your service as well. You really do provide a wonderful service and at a price that I can afford considering I'm just starting this business so my funds are limited at the moment.

          Bobbie Sawtelle

          Testimonial 1061 out of 1983

          Thank you so much for finding the right toll free number for HOTT 107.COM! Your prompt attention gave our station worldwide response and validity it needed. Listeners can not stop calling now:-) I'll be contacting you when I launch my next station.

          Thanks again,

          Rick Party
          HOTT107.com, Program Director

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