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800 numbers on Sale at TollFreeNumbers.comAll Regular and Premium Activations are 25% off until Tuesday night! Regular activations* which are always $49.95 are only $37.45, Random 800 numbers* which are usually $79.95 are only $59.95. 1 star numbers are $74 instead of $99, 2 star numbers are only $224 instead of $299 and 3 star numbers are $449 instead of $599 and our best 4 star numbers are $749 instead of $999. But this is only until Tuesday night at 11pm (est). If you’ve been thinking about getting a great toll free number, now’s the time! You own them with no strings.

We’re doing this to give something special for the 800WATCH subscribers and frequent visitors and a couple people that just happen to be here at the right time. There’s no codes or coupons required, just place the order. But it has to be placed before Tuesday night. We can’t extend the time so don’t be late!

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    Eva says:
    January 21, 2009 at 11:24 am

    Hi Bill,

    I started this process yesterday with the hope of purchasing a toll free number however a family matter took me away from completing the purchase. Is it possible to honor the $37.45 rate if I move ahead today on an available vanity number?


      Bill Quimby (666 comments.) says:
      January 21, 2009 at 1:17 pm

      This often comes up on sales, so I try to make the sale totally clear. I even put the time zone on the time since people sometimes forget that we’re on the east coast.

      I can’t change the price back or base the price on when anyone “started” the search process. The shopping cart is pretty straight forward and it’s not ordered until you submit it in the shopping cart. It’s either ordered or it’s not.

      If you placed the order but it failed (which we can see) and came back to us within 24 hours I would say that is reasonable. But the search process can go on forever and we have no way to track that. And we can’t charge people more just because they started the process before the sale started. That wouldn’t be fair either.

      The only way to do this fairly is to be up front about the deadline and follow it. And the purpose of a sale is to get the people on the edge to go ahead and commit.


        Rod says:
        September 27, 2013 at 2:28 pm

        I want to sell 2 very good toll free numbers….rperpetua@aol.com


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          Testimonial 714 out of 1983

          This was about the most simple, quick and useful service I've had the experience of using in a long time. Excellent quickness in responding to my questions.

          Cory Carpenter

          Testimonial 594 out of 1983

          Hail to you. I had no idea how messy this could get. You saved us. We love our number and my confusion and order with that "other" lumbering big guy who said I didn't get this number is getting a cancellation call today. If you are reading testimonials ->>Trust Bill really really. He didn't pay me for this.

          Kimberly Clark
          Medical & Marketing, US

          Testimonial 563 out of 1983

          I ordered a toll free number from you (888 J DOBKIN) and just as promised it was up and functioning the next day. Without all the stories and run around you get from the phone companies. Thanks, Bill
          - for caring about your customers and delivering exactly what you promised in a very timely fashion.

          Jeff Dobkin

          Testimonial 745 out of 1983

          Setting up a toll free number through these folks is a piece of cake...now more people can "Get BiZi Bee Happy!"
          than ever before without having to worry about paying long distance due to the tangle of local area codes. Additional, we have made ourselves easier to contact and remember with our 1-877-4BiZiBe number wish should give us a real edge when we launch our brand through print and radio. Thank you Mr. Quimby for putting a valuable tool within the reach of a start up company!

          Justin Baker, Co-Founder
          BiZi Bee Floral

          Testimonial 170 out of 1983

          Thank you for making my voyage into the world of vanity 800's so painless.
          I got the number I wanted within 24 hours and the service transition was seamless. Well worth the fee for the peace of mind.

          "Civilize Your Garage"

          Testimonial 1083 out of 1983

          Thank you SO much for making the process so easy! I was searching for a vanity number and your site was by far the most detailed/comprehensive of all that I researched. I placed my order for 1-877-247-FLIRT, and it was working immediately. The number adds such a great value to the site. I would recommend your services to anyone. I'm glad you're listed at the top of the search engines - now I understand why! Thanks again.

          Vickie Hopkins, Owner
          Flirt Greeting Cards, LLC

          Testimonial 138 out of 1983

          I wanted to Thank you again! Your site is completely and utterly informative, easy to read and no hidden or gray areas. And when I called in you were very thorough.

          Sis. La Toya Holland
          Church Administrator
          Bishop's Secretary
          First Baptist Church Of Sterling

          Testimonial 900 out of 1983

          Bill is 'the man!' It's great to know that the man behind the website actually answers all his email personally...and very promptly as well. Spectacular service combined with Bill's knowledge makes for a superb customer experience.

          Michael Murphy

          Testimonial 1481 out of 1983

          Toll Free Numbers is a great system that was able to provide me with the toll free numbers I needed - thank you, thank you, thank you!800 marketing Robert J Townsend

          R.J. Townsend

          Testimonial 1451 out of 1983

          Bill you are AWESOME!! Thanks a bunch. If everyone was able to run a business like you, we would live in a much happier world. Two of my friends that I told about your site, found numbers for themselves already and bought them in the last week too.

          I run a very upscale and successful pavement maintenance business in Hunterdon county NJ. Ive been looking for a little marketing boost after being in the business for over 15 years and I think this is it!! I recently purchased 1-877-4beckage for my business and will be putting it on all my literature soon.In a fast paced world of cut throat businesses, you have got to find a way to differentiate yourself from the next guy and I think this will help greatly.

          Believe it or not your site has also got some new and other old ideas flowing in my head for other business ventures and with finding the rite numbers for them , I bought them as well!!! You know what they say, you cant keep a good man down!! 1-800 pavement contractorGod bless the ever presant go getter in the both of us! I will be passing on this great site to about 40 friends in a business group im in and will tell them all how easy your site is to use. I will write you a nice testamonial for your web site also very soon. Keep up the good work.

          Thanks much,

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