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98.6% of 855 numbers still remaining

percentage of 855 numbers remaining As of Sunday morning (10/24), 114,532 of the new 855 numbers are “In Use.” Actually half are still reserved but they’re pretty much as unavailable in terms of getting numbers, as numbers that are already working. This means that only 1.44 percent of the total universe of 855 numbers have been taken and 7,865,468 numbers out of the original 7,980,000 are still Available! (twenty thousand numbers are blocked because there’s no 555 or 911 exchange)

That means there really are Tremendous Opportunities! You probably wont get your first choice, if it’s an obvious number but all is takes for most terms is a 4, 2, or GO, GET etc, in front of your word to get it. If you sell GUTTERS for instance, you won’t get the word GUTTERS by itself, but try putting your state initials in front. Or better yet just try your company name. You don’t need the domain name to have a good website for your Gutter business. It only takes a little bit of creativity to find things when 98.6% of things are still available!

This is actually the perfect timing because there is still rationing, but we’ve worked through our backlog and can now reserve things in real time for customers. And watch what happens the first week of November because once we have 855 numbers in the monthly data our look up tool will start doing the creative searching for you and the system that was designed to find good numbers scraping the bottom of the barrel will suddenly start finding barrels full of good numbers!

What was the point of the original $8 fee?

The eight dollar 855 number request fee, $8.55Our original $8.55 fee was simply to try to get your request to the top of YOUR phone company’s list. I designed my original plan for 855 numbers with the idea that there would be a limit on the amount of 855 requests that each phone company could put in per day. So I would have a limited amount of numbers available and a lot of people requesting them. But your local phone company may not have had as many requests. It was a way to help more people than I would be able to get numbers for personally.

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855 numbers will be $89 each starting Saturday

855 number set upWe’ve been doing 855 number activations for just $49, the same price that we always do regular activations because I didn’t think it was appropriate to raise rates dramatically because of the demand. But fortunately or unfortunately we simply haven’t been able to keep up with the processing. It just takes a significant amount of work to process each number and we can only work 20 hour days for just so long. We’re a very small organization and we’ve simply been taking twice as many orders as we have the capability to process each day.

I’m not raising the price because of the value of the numbers, or the fact that nobody else does what we’re doing like this for anything close to what we charge, or even because we’re trying to capitalize on the situation. When I launched our 855 plan the end of June, I realized one of the biggest benefits was that it would allow us to prove our place as leaders and the best value in the toll free business. But at the same time, I simply can’t keep doing this to the people that make our business so special. The people that work with me are my best friends and they would do anything for me and I have to do this for them. So for 3 weeks, starting just after midnight on Friday, October 15, until November 8th, when the rationing ends, the price for 855 numbers will be $89.

Requests aren’t Orders

855 requests are not reservations

With the FCC imposed Rationing, we’re only allowed to take out 100 855 numbers per day. That means we simply can’t just try to get every number that was requested and then give the customer the option to activate it if they want it as we had planned to do. We encouraged customers to put in multiple requests and backup requests too. So it wouldn’t be fair to assume that they are automatically willing to pay $50 for every number they requested. And if we take numbers out that customers haven’t specifically confirmed that they want to order, then we would be wasting our ration and slowing down all of the other customers that want to get numbers too.

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Wow, we had a great day and got a lot of GREAT 855 numbers for people. We were expecting it to be slow and make you sit and wait every time you hit submit, like it usually is at the nightly drop when numbers go back into the pool. But it wasn’t slow. It went very fast and everyone’s yelling, I got four, I got 8 more, I got a bunch. It was chaotic and a real adrenaline rush, and after you use up your ration, we all kept looking things up going but… but…. all these good numbers!

Overall, we got over 60% of the Premium Requests. I’m writing up an email for the positive and negative results. If you had a premium request you’ll get an email this afternoon! Then we’ll check the next batch and get more ready for tomorrow, starting the regular requests. If we see any interesting patterns or have more feedback I’ll definitely post it.

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