Toll Free Guides

We’ve organized information here into several Guides covering different areas. Originally this section was just explaining the basics of toll free service. But it grew and after a while had to be broken down into several sub sections. The original basics are in the Background section below.

Simplified Overview

(Explaining everything in the fewest words possible.)

Background on Toll Free Numbers

Toll Free Voicemail Guide

Toll Free on your Cell Phone

Canadian 800 Numbers


Toll Free with your VOIP company
International 800 service
Transferring 800 numbers

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    My experience was good with getting a toll free number. I found choosing one to be difficult and chose from the wrong list of numbers which delayed getting one. Your selection is amazing and gave options I had not thought of.

    Scott Kuhagen

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    Bill Quimby is a GENIUS!! :-) I am glad that he created this website. It was so painless! I was going to try to reserve this same vanity toll free number with one of the 'Big Three' (rhymes with May T and T) and I wished that I'd become a dentist because I would have had to pull teeth to accomplish my goal! On top of that... to give the option of holding the number for 15 days is a Godsend! Thank you very much Mr. Quimby! We look forward to doing business with you again in the future! :-)

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    We are a small consulting company that helps customers with there voice and data needs. Many times I look at what they are paying for long distance charges and 800 service. There are companies out there that are stealing from there customers. How can they get away with this? Tollfreenumbers.com is a very no brainer web site that allows me and my customers to find a number that is very effective in there marketing plans and keeping the cost down.

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