Toll Free Guides

We’ve organized information here into several Guides covering different areas. Originally this section was just explaining the basics of toll free service. But it grew and after a while had to be broken down into several sub sections. The original basics are in the Background section below.

Simplified Overview

(Explaining everything in the fewest words possible.)

Background on Toll Free Numbers

Toll Free Voicemail Guide

Toll Free on your Cell Phone

Canadian 800 Numbers


Toll Free with your VOIP company
International 800 service
Transferring 800 numbers

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    Well after some coaching you put me on the correct path. I ended up finding a great 877# that works perfectly for my business 877-OEM-COIL. It took several searches before the idea came to me to search for this number. I simply followed your advise of "... don't give up". Because of this new number and the ease of obtaining it - this caused me to think of other areas of my business and my future plans to expand and break off certain product lines that I have to create other companies as web based businesses all under the umbrella of my main business. I went back and searched again and found another number 877-EZ-FILTER for my A/C filter line. I followed your advise on your main page that you are the "GO DADDY" web site for #800 numbers and I ended up purchasing two numbers form you and two brand new .com web sites that match for future expansion of my business!

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    877-OEM-COIL to match www.oemcoil.com and
    877-EZ-FILTER to match www.ezfilterstore.com

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