Toll Free Guides

We’ve organized information here into several Guides covering different areas. Originally this section was just explaining the basics of toll free service. But it grew and after a while had to be broken down into several sub sections. The original basics are in the Background section below.

Simplified Overview

(Explaining everything in the fewest words possible.)

Background on Toll Free Numbers

Toll Free Voicemail Guide

Toll Free on your Cell Phone

Canadian 800 Numbers


Toll Free with your VOIP company
International 800 service
Transferring 800 numbers

    Random Testimonials

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    Your service was great. We needed an 800 number for a new business and we went to your website got the number we wanted and as soon as we paid the number was instantly on! Thanks and we will use you again and refer you to others.


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    Very personable, very patient both Bill and Rita.

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    THANK YOU!!!!

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    The service you provide is fantastic, within 20 minutes of searching for a toll free number I found one that works well for my business. Your system is simple and very effective making the process easy.
    Thank you

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    Fantastic job... Using your system we were able to obtain '1-888-RESBUY4'
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    THANK YOU BILL for your FREE ADVICE and resources of time and energy. I acquired a number that was a lost opportunity for 10 years, abandoned by its carrier and sitting idle. I didn't have to wait for them to release into the SMS cache and risk Primetel picking it up first [in which case it really would have been lost]. I went straight to the source at your recommendation, and made it happen. It would not have happened for us without TollFreeNumbers.com and the brains behind the operation Bill Quimby.

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