Toll Free Guides

We’ve organized information here into several Guides covering different areas. Originally this section was just explaining the basics of toll free service. But it grew and after a while had to be broken down into several sub sections. The original basics are in the Background section below.

Simplified Overview

(Explaining everything in the fewest words possible.)

Background on Toll Free Numbers

Toll Free Voicemail Guide

Toll Free on your Cell Phone

Canadian 800 Numbers


Toll Free with your VOIP company
International 800 service
Transferring 800 numbers

    Random Testimonials

    Testimonial 1191 out of 1983

    The toll free number we just secured is going to be used for a networking service for real estate investors. We've always recommended that people get these kinds of easy to remember toll free numbers ... but we've never had a resource that makes it so easy to find one and reserve it. Thanks for creating such a fabulous service!!! I expect you'll be seeing A LOT more real estate professionals with custom numbers in the near future.

    Thanks again for everything.

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    Thank you for the valuable consulting services. We were able to find a customized 1 888# that included our company name and best of all it was already available. Other “toll free consulting? companies WANTED to charge me $1000s in monthly fees and we wouldn’t have owned the number. We are signing up with OPEX next month to have national coverage.

    Michael Gulitz
    Professional Mortgage Planner

    Testimonial 752 out of 1983

    I wanted to take a moment to thank you for helping us get not one, but two great toll-free telephone numbers for our very unique business. I came across your website while doing a search to obtain vanity 800 numbers and boy, am I glad I found you.I can't thank you enough for the valuable service you provide and will definitely tell everybody I know about your service. Thanks a million!!

    Gregory E Hagenah, President
    Easy Clean Home

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    I just wanted to let you know we are very pleased with your service and speed of expediting.
    Keep up the great work.

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    We would like to thank you for your help with 877-RUG-MALL.
    This is our 3rd 800 number that we have purchased from your Company and feel very confident in saying you are the BEST At what you do. Thanks for the help.

    Marc Henderson, President and CEO

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    Wanted to thank you again for your prompt and very efficient service. We signed up with OPEX and they had us up and running within a couple of days.
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    The fastest service I've ever done business with, I don't know how he does it. He should publish his secret and sell it.


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    Bill Quimby's website is loaded with factual information that enabled me to properly choose what Toll Free numbers and services I wanted for my business.
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    Your website really demystified the process of searching for and purchasing the ideal toll-free vanity number for my fledgling business efforts. Your site and your Toll-Free Manual are filled with important information that simply can't be had elsewhere, not without a lot of extra web-surfing and research. Thank you for creating such a clear, effective, and honest business service--especially in this unregulated arena filled with companies of questionable quality and staying power!

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